How To Make A PowerPoint Presentation?

One of the most Fundamental asked by beginners and experts is “how to make a PowerPoint presentation.”

 A PowerPoint presentation is a file that has been prepared to explain some kind of a subject. It usually comes across as a very organized and well-put-together set of graphics and text. It is usually presented to a wide audience to gain their full attention or get a clear idea of what they will receive in the entire presentation. This is how to make a presentation and make it properly or make a really good presentation that will stick in the viewer’s mind.

Making a presentation can be quite a complicated art form. It Takes good practice to execute it properly. If one thinks of it in terms of making a presentation, this makes it sound almost impossible. For example, making a PowerPoint, as a whole, is something that a person would have to see dozens or hundreds of examples to grasp how to make a PowerPoint presentation the right way. The actual execution of how to make a presentation will depend upon how the presenter plans out his or her delivery, how the presentation is formatted, and how he or she uses his or her slides.

Steps On creating an Impressive powerpoint template:

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. If a page does not automatically open, go to “File” at the top left corner of your screen and click “New.”
  3. For using a default template available on the powerpoint, click the “Design” tab or go to “File” again and click “New ” to get the template.
  4. Insert a new slide by clicking on the “Home” and then the “New Slide” button, or simply right-click and select the “New slide” option.
  5. To include your content on the powerpoint, you can use the text box to explain the heading and the content for the audience.
  6. While adding your text, make sure that you do not exceed more than seven lines for a paragraph with a size of 20pt – 24pt.
  7. To place your Image, you can go to the “Insert” tab and click the “Picture” icon.
  8. If you wanted to add any shapes on powerpoint, go to the “Insert” tabs and select the “Shapes” option.
  9. You can play around with various fields like creating animation for powerpoint from the “Animations” tab to get a better experience.

3 Freebies For your Personal Use:

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17 PowerPoint Presentation Tips

17 Tips For creating your Own Branded powerpoint Template:

  1. Do not let PowerPoint on what you want to use for your presentation.
  2. Create your custom slides on powerpoint.
  3. Use your Branding styles for better output.
  4. Make sure that all audience should feel your content in the slide.
  5. Check for the alignments of the shapes.
  6. Use “Format Menus” to better control your objects’ designs.
  7. Take advantage of PowerPoint’s shapes.
  8. Create custom shapes.
  9. Crop images into custom shapes.
  10. Present websites within PowerPoint.
  11. Try Using GIFs.
  12. Please keep it simple.
  13. Embed your font files.
  14. Save your slides as JPEGs.
  15. Embed multimedia. 
  16. Bring your hardware.
  17. Use “Presenter View.”