How To Make A Gas Fire Pit?

In the cold months, you often see fire pits at parks and homes. Every year, there are more gas fires pit available in the market because of the high demand for them to keep themselves warm or enjoy a nice night with friends or family by sitting around a fire pit. You can get many designs of these fire pits, but building one is quite easy if you have basic knowledge about them. For this project, someone who has basic skills in using power tools would be very helpful. Otherwise, it could get messed up if you do not know what you are doing. Here I am showing a step-by-step procedure through which anyone can construct their own gas fire pit easily without any hassle.

Tools You Need:

  • Power drill with drill bits (1/2 inch and 1/4 inch)
  • Welding machine or welding rods to connect metal pieces together 
  • Lighter
  • Work gloves, protective eyeglasses, and a mask for protection from fire
  • Plywood sheets (large enough to make a circle of your desired size)
  • Saw to cut the plywood sheet into a circle
  • Putty or glue to hold the pieces of metal together while welding

Step By Step Guide How To Make a Gas Fire Pit

1. Firstly, collect all necessary materials needed for the project. Make sure you have enough space to work on this project because it can get messy using a welding machine. You should also do some research about the available designs of gas fire pit so that you can decide which shape will fit best in your garden. Once you are done collecting all materials, put on safety gear like work gloves, protective glasses, and a mask. All of this is important for your safety and to avoid any accidents.

2. After collecting all necessary materials, place the metal pieces on a flat surface to easily weld them together with a welding machine or by using some rods if you don’t have access to the welding machine. Make sure you leave some space between each piece for wood to be placed inside it later. Try constructing something similar to what you are going to make but smaller in size first because only after that try making a gas fire pit that will be large enough according to your desired size. Make sure the shape is perfect before welding; otherwise, there could be problems later on when covering it with plywood sheets.

3 . Once your preferred design has been finalized, cover the top of your metal pieces with plywood sheets. Try covering it with two sheets and see if there is enough space between the two to place wood for a fire. If you feel that there is no space left, remove one sheet and add another piece of plywood sheet to fill up the gap. You should do this until your desired shape has been formed because having an irregular-shaped gas fire pit would look unprofessional.

4. After completing step three, turn on the welding machine and let it heat up for about five minutes so that it can melt down any sharp or rough edges around your gas fire pit and make them smooth. Also, while using a welding machine, always remember that the area you are pointing to must be placed far away from you because close contact with hot surfaces can cause severe injuries.

5. Now it the time comes to paint your gas fire pit, make sure to sand down the edges properly before painting because if there are any sharp edges, this could harm someone while sitting around it at night for a gathering or party. Also, cover all of the surrounding areas that you think would get rusted after regularly getting in contact with fire. You can use any kind of paint according to your preference, but the color should look good in the dark so that it creates a nice atmosphere when lit up using wood pieces inside it at night. After completing this step, let the paint dry out completely before adding some final touches by decorating it with stones or pebbles.

6 . Finally, place some stones or pebbles around your gas fire pit so that it looks more appealing to the eyes. Also, choose where you want to keep your gas fire pit without thinking about gas line location because if you do think of this before placing it in your garden, then there is a chance that you might not be able to install it at all due to restrictions caused by the gas line work.


Q. What are the necessary materials needed for this project?

A . You will need basic tools like a welding machine, work gloves, protective glasses, clamps, and some rods if you don’t have access to a welding machine. Besides that, you will need plywood sheets to cover up your metal pieces and, finally, some stones or pebbles that can be used to decorate it during nighttime.

Q . How deep should I place my gas fire pit inside the ground?

A . Before making any of this, try using plywood sheets of smaller size to get an idea about how far down each sheet needs to be positioned to get perfect results. After getting an idea about these things, measure the depth of your gas fire pit and then try placing the sheets deep enough inside the ground to be safe from coming in touch with children or drunk adults.

Q . How can I avoid any accidents caused by this project?

A . Always wear protective glasses, gloves, long sleeves, and trousers while working on anything related to welding because there could be hot wires that could fly up and cause injuries to your face. Besides keeping yourself safe, always keep a first aid kit near you so that if someone gets injured due to carelessness, he or she can take immediate help. If you want to hire someone as an assistant for this job, make sure they have all the necessary safety gear before beginning work on this project.

Q . What should I do to maintain this gas fire pit?

A . If you work properly on the surface of your gas fire pit before painting it, there won’t be many chances of getting rusted later on, but if that happens, then use some kind of rust removing spray or paint to get rid of it. Besides that, you can simply clean the area using a wet towel and turn it off when not required so that all parts can remain in their ideal condition for longer periods without wasting too much electricity.


By following these simple steps, anyone can construct their own gas fire pit without professional help and good results. So try this project out yourself and see how much fun it can be for you and your family members during parties or gatherings in the evening time!

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