How to Make a Family- Friendly Home?

Home is the only place in this world where you feel comfortable, no matter how many outings, dinners you enjoy outside. When we talk about family systems, some people like to live in a joint family system and others want to live independently. No matter what kind of family do you live in sooner or later you have to build your own home. Building a new home is a daunting task because you have to do a lot of planning, research to have your favorite home. Before designing a home you have to consider many aspects like style, decor, interior, budget, time and the requirements of your family members so there is nothing left behind. You can plan your home designs by researching and looking around at different house designs that inspire you or you can simply hire an expert team from Fit out companies in Dubai or Home renovation Dubai to have the best and most family- friendly home. Here are some of the tips to help you in this entire daunting process.

Ground Design:

The first and foremost thing to consider is the number of bedrooms and washrooms according to the number of family members you have in your house. After estimating this try to design the bedroom for aged family members and kids on the ground floor for the convenience of these age groups. Then you can also design a kitchen on the same floor because it’s easy to get food cooked and served there rather than designing it on another floor.

First- Floor Design:

The first floor can be designed by having a well decorated and comfortable guest room on this floor. This will serve various purposes like comfort, convenience and most importantly the privacy of the arriving guests. Most of the times guests visit your home on any of the functions so it’s best to build their rooms on this floor because they can rest well even in the presence of gatherings. Design everything for their comfort and convenience like attached washrooms, cupboards also a mini kitchen so they can use it whenever they need it.

  • Multi- purpose activity areas:

A house can not be completed by just designing bedrooms, washrooms and kitchen you have also to design the playing area, a home theater or any other activity area so you can let the kids play in the playing area and enjoy a home cinema with family or friends whenever you want. Install a basketball court, a ground for playing cricket, table tennis net, some indoor games. You can also design a pool to enjoy swimming in the summer season.

Outdoor Gardens and Functionality:

Outdoor gardens are another essential to have in your home for a better outside vision with greenery that can add to the beauty of your home. Functionality is to consider the differently able individuals before designing your home like designing a ramp of textured tiles so they can easily pass their wheelchair into the house.


These are some of the tips to have the best and most family- friendly home design. Hire an expert team from Interior fit-out companies in Dubai to have an extraordinary experience.