How to maintain your printer for optimal operation?

8 Tips for taking care of your printing equipment.

In a small office, a printer is an essential part of performing day-to-day tasks. That is why it is very important to choose the most suitable printer for our needs when purchasing printing equipment. However, the mistake not to make, after installing it in our office or workspace, is to stop worrying about it.

As users, we must keep in mind that the useful life of a printer is related to its maintenance and daily care. Taking care of your printer, through certain small gestures and reflexes, is essential to promote optimal operation for many years. In addition, proper maintenance will help prevent problems from appearing which will cost you extra time and money, as well as lower productivity for your business.

Do you want to know the different tips to put into practice? Here are some tips for inkjet printers and laser printers. Take note of it: 3D printers are a new product among printing media and office equipment nowadays. Today, the best 3D printer in Australia have become more affordable, providing personal, professional, and educational interfaces.

1 – Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations

This is the first step to take to avoid problems with your printer, regardless of the model. Take the time to read the manual and follow the instructions for your printing equipment. This advice is valid for all types of technological equipment!

2 – Choose a space perfectly suited to place your printer

Avoid placing your inkjet printer or laser printer near a heat source, such as a radiator for example. This can only cause your printer to go into unnecessary cleaning cycles. You should also keep in mind that your printer should be placed in a location that does not obstruct its ventilation system. Whether you have an inkjet printer or a laser printer, an environment that does not meet these conditions can damage your device.

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3 – Use original consumables

Would you use an engine from a different make than your car? It may not work as efficiently or cause significant damage to your vehicle. The same can happen with a printer. The use of inexpensive third-party cartridges could end up costing you money: poor print quality, cartridges not recognized by your printer … To learn more about the advantages of original consumables, you can consult our guide “The Truth About” consumables ”.

Taking into account these few practical tips will allow you to enjoy your inkjet printer or laser printer for many years to come.

4 – The consumables must be handled with care

When you need to change the ink or toner cartridge in your printer, avoid using too much force or coming into contact with fragile components such as the print nozzles, as this may cause failure.

5 – How to clean your laser printer?

If you are using laser printers, it is recommended that you clean the drum and paper feed rollers regularly to remove residue and dust. However, you have to be careful about which products to use for this. Give up cleaning products, especially the more corrosive ones. It is preferable to soak a cotton swab or a small cloth in isopropyl alcohol and to clean, without forcing and with gentle movements, the mechanisms of your printing equipment.

6 – How to clean the nozzles of your inkjet printer?

For inkjet printers, you can follow the same tips to clean your printer’s printheads. Remember, however, that this cleaning is done automatically on this type of machine.

7 – Do not disassemble your printer on your own

If your printer has a technical problem, don’t play the hero. The worst thing to do in the event of a breakdown is to take your equipment apart – you could damage a sensitive part or, worse yet, void your warranty. In the event of the unexpected, always trust the technical service.

8 – Do not unplug your inkjet printer

If you think that unplugging your inkjet printer will save energy, you are wrong. As mentioned above, this type of equipment performs automatic cleaning and must therefore be supplied with electricity. Power consumption is not an issue, as Brother products use low power (0.2W) standby technology. To learn more about the design of Brother printing products, we invite you to visit this page .

By following these 8 tips, your printing equipment will last a long time and you will avoid additional maintenance or repair costs as well as reduced productivity. Since the printer is an essential part of your job, give it the maintenance it deserves!