How to Maintain Your Ford Car for the Best Performance

When you buy Ford, you don’t just buy a car, you also get peace of mind for years to come.  

Stylish and power-packed, each one of the Ford line-ups comes equipped with best-in-its-class features combined with superior performance. However, as a Ford car owner, there are basic steps you can take to ensure optimum safety and driving comfort, so you get the best out of your car.

Follow service schedule meticulously

By regularly following the service maintenance schedule, you can help prevent major problems even before they occur. These routine service maintenance checkpoints include services like changing the oil, fluid levels, air filter, changing brake pads and inspecting the vehicle at recommended milestones to keep your car running properly as also to prevent any engine malfunction or breakdown.

Bring it to an authorized Ford service centre

With an authorized Ford service centre inspection you can always be sure that Ford-trained technicians working on your Ford car have plenty of experience with your Ford model. The team of dedicated service professionals use Ford genuine parts and specialised diagnostic equipment, Ford technicians know your car better than anyone, so you trust that you are getting the best care possible. Choosing a Ford dealership for service centre also means that you will enjoy extra Ford service benefits that include getting regular updates for satnav SYNC3 system for up to 7 years and lots more. Unlike independent car service repair shops, authorized Ford service centres use genuine Ford parts and tools so you benefit from a faster, more efficient and cost-effective service.

Check oil regularly

The engine is the heart of your Ford car and regularly changing your oil is a great way to keep your engine in good shape. Simply clear the dipstick with clean rag or paper towel and insert it again to get a clean read of the oil level. You must preferably check the engine oil at least once a month or preferably every fortnight to keep your Ford car running smoothly.

Check the coolant level regularly

It is recommended to regularly check coolant levels to remove excess heat from your car’s engine. The coolant circulates through the engine, absorbing heat from the engine and then dissipates it through the radiator. If it requires a refill, simply flush out the old coolant and refill the system to remove the dirt or rust particles that may clog the up the cooling system

Monitor Tyre pressure

Both high and low tire pressure cause abnormal tire wear. Therefore checking tyre pressure every once every fortnight to keep your tyres properly inflated helps prevent tire wear, poor ride quality, ineffective braking and alignment problems. Similarly, rotating your tyres every 8000 km allows for even tread wear and better handling.

Visit Ford Service Centre for year-round road readiness

Keep your vehicle’s engine running well can help you enjoy savings in gas mileage. With these tips, you can keep your Ford car running efficiently and reliably. Looking to buy your next Ford? As one of the most trusted Ford cars dealers in NSW near you, we assure you the best deal on new and used Ford cars for sale.