How to Maintain Your Crawl Space This Winter

Crawl space plays a big role in the general safety and hygiene in your home. Moisture is one of the biggest threats in your house, especially if it finds itself in the wrong place.


Your goal should be to try as much as possible to keep off that moisture from the house. But this is not possible if your home is not well protected.


Crawl space happens to be one of the most ignored areas of our homes. Crawl space includes those spaces that are left during the wiring and plumbing of your house. In other words, they can’t be avoided. However, you can protect your homes by ensuring that this space is properly maintained.


Here are some of the best ways of maintaining your crawl space this winter:


Moisture control


Moisture may appear harmless but can cause a lot of structural damage to your house. Moisture creates a perfect breeding ground for mold which can easily damage your house, pollute the air, and cause allergies. The only way to avoid such risks is to ensure that you control the moisture levels in your crawl space.


Besides, ensure that you direct water away from the house using gutters. Your sidewalks should also be sloped so that water flows away from your crawl space.


You can also try using curtain drains to always keep your crawl space dry. But if you are experiencing a major moisture problem, then a sump pump could be the best solution.




Insulating your crawl space is another great way of keeping your home safe and clean this winter. Insulation helps in controlling temperatures in your home, hence keeping it cool during the summer and winter seasons. There are different types of insulation that work best according to different conditions.


Insulating your crawl space will significantly improve the climatic conditions in your indoor area throughout the year. This involves insulating the underside of the floor of your house through the crawl space. Blocking or sealing vents also prevents radon from getting into your home and causing serious health issues.


Remove debris


During construction, most of the debris and remaining materials are left unattended in the crawl space. Once the construction is finished, it might take a very long time before anyone thinks of getting rid of this debris – something that can attract pests and make your crawl space almost impossible to use.


The best thing to do is to ensure that you remove all the debris and unnecessary construction material and dispose of them elsewhere. Leaving them in the crawl space for long can lead to health issues in your home.


Crawl space encapsulation


This is one of the most effective ways of preventing water and moisture from getting inside your home.


Crawl space encapsulation involves the use of vapor sump pumps, barriers, and floor liners to create an atmosphere that’s dry and free from pets, mold, and wood damage. There are several companies that offer such services at affordable rates.


Ensure your crawl space is always clean


Most people do not realize the impact of a dirty and unattended crawl space on a home. It is always easy to ignore your crawl space because you don’t see it more often. It is important to ensure that your crawl space is clear from debris and excess moisture that can attract pests and encourage the growth of mold.


Bottom line


Maintaining your crawl space is something that can’t be ignored during winter or any other season. Leaving it unattended can cause serious health issues for you and anyone living in your home. It is good to ensure that it is always clean.