How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner: A Guide For Beginners

Summer is a time for enjoying the great outdoors, but it is also the time when your air conditioning needs to be in top form. Here are some tips to help you keep your AC in good shape and running all summer smoothly long.

What are the indicators that your air conditioner needs repair?

If the air conditioner is making much noise, will not start, or strange smells or odors emanate from the unit or ductwork, it needs to be serviced.Similarly, if the AC unit runs continuously and struggles to maintain your set temperature, you need an AC repair in Broward County.The thermostat is off or malfunctioning. You have noticed an inexplicable rise in your energy costs. You are dissatisfied with the degree of comfort in your home.These are all signs that it is time to call an AC repair specialist. They can help you resolve your immediate issue and extend the life of your system.

How to maintain an air conditioner?

1. Theessential thing you can do to maintain your air conditioner is to keep it clean. Dirt is the biggest enemy of air conditioners and can lower the evaporator coil’s efficiency, block the operation of the fan, clog filters, and block drain ports.

2. Regularly inspect your air conditioner’s coils, compressor, and motor. These are sealed components, so any repairs to them should be left to a professional service person.

3. During the winter, room air conditioners should be kept dry. Remove the thermostat and store it, or cover the outside of the device with a commercial room air conditioner cover or a thick plastic sheeting secured with duct tape.

4. Before doing any work on a room air conditioner, make sure it is unplugged. When choosing between a central air conditioner or window air conditioner, consider the location of these components. Central air conditioning systems include two to three capacitors in addition to the fan and control panel.A capacitor stores electricity even when the unit’s power is disconnected. You might be shocked if you work on an air conditioner while the capacitor is still charged.The unit’s owner’s manual will show where the capacitors are and how to discharge them. Otherwise, have an air conditioning expert do it.

How long may it take to maintain an air conditioner?

It will take about an hour to maintain an air conditioner regularly. It includes changing the air filter, checking the Freon levels, and cleaning the coils. If the air conditioner is not maintained correctly, it will have to work harder to cool the home, which will lead to higher energy bills.

How often should you do maintenance of your air conditioner?

The frequency of maintenance for an air conditioner varies depending on the unit itself. However, most units should be maintained at least once a year to keep them running at peak performance. Additionally, it is vital to keep an eye on your air conditioner’s condition and perform any necessary repairs as soon as possible to avoid costly damage.

So, what have we learned? It is essential to take care of our air conditioners and heating systems to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. By following a few simple tips, we can prolong the life of our HVAC units and save money on energy costs.

Have you tried any of these maintenance techniques?

What has worked best for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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