How to Maintain BAC Parts of Cooling Towers?

Industrial cooling towers are so designed as to get rid of the heat from a facility or building. The heat is lowered by the passage of air coming from the sides, via falling water. When air is passed via the water, water evaporates because of the exchange of heat.

The water that has been cooled is stored at the tower’s bottom, which can be reused through pumping it in reverse to the plant. The cooling tower provides big-scale air conditioning to the complete plant.

The main use of a cooling tower is for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) for serving industries. Such a system has proved to be a cost-effective solution for industries to make efficient energy for operation.

HVAC systems are used in huge buildings, mostly commercial and industrial buildings like corporate offices, schools, hospitals etc. But an industrial cooling tower is much bigger than HVAC systems and operates for removal of absorbed heat in natural gas plants, power plants, food processing plants, refineries and other industries.

Such cooling towers must be maintained regularly. All industrial units featuring cooling towers must develop a concrete plan for maintenance of cooling tower to reduce costs for repair and keeping the tower in peak condition. Good maintenance can lead to energy efficiency and reduced utility costs.

Service of maintenance

To ensure proper maintenance of cooling tower all through the year, one must opt for flexible and high-quality cooling tower maintenance services. To keep the system in good condition and for the reduction in operational cost, regular servicing is vital.

With regard to cooling towers of all brands including those with BAC parts, the following are the benefits of regular maintenance:

  • Gain a safe environment for work
  • Downtime will be reduced to a minimum because of the inspection of equipment and reduced risk of failure of equipment.
  • The system functions optimally with low operation cost
  • Structural damages get repaired sufficiently during service
  • Life of cooling tower and parts are enhanced
  • All spare parts with damages are repaired 
  • Experts judge the performance of the tower
  • Proper cleaning is carried out
  • Reputed cooling tower maintenance companies offer great project and erection services.

How to maintain

For proper maintenance of cooling towers and their BAC parts, the following measures can be undertaken:

Removal of scale deposits

It is the through the process of evaporation that cooling towers work, leading to a periodic build-up of scale upon the fills. The main cause of such deposits is the minerals existing in the water. In case there are issues of water treatment, scale deposits may have to be removed more frequently. In case issues are not addressed in time, not only will the HVAC system function poorly but also the unit may suffer a premature decline in quality. Through regular descaling of system, energy conservation can be improved, and monthly energy bills can be reduced.

Proper airflow

Airflow interruptions may be caused by different factors like the wrong alignment of fans, poor gearbox performance and loose components. Poor flow of air not only reduces its cooling levels but can breakdown the whole system. The quality of airflow may be impacted by damaged fan blades. Airflow may also be blocked by sludge piling up on basin floor that must be removed by making use of a tower vacuum. Biocides can be added to contain the growth of algae and bacteria.

Clean tubes

Tubes of the cooling tower may be full of contaminants like scale, slime, mud and algae which can lead to inefficiency and breakdowns. Regular cleaning is warranted whether tubes have complete or partial clogging. The frequency of cleaning the tubes is based on the rate of build-up and water quality.

 When cleaning is taken up as a regular schedule of maintenance, the total blockage can be avoided, and any debris can be removed easily. One must find a reputed professional company that can clean the complete tubing network efficiently.

Optimal functioning of water pumps

In case water pump is malfunctioning, it will not carry the warm water to chillers for effective cooling. An efficient system of pumping can help one attain great performance of air cooling and can also help save on monthly bills of energy consumption. When a water pump is properly maintained, it will cause water to move backwards and forwards, enabling easy operation. One must switch off the pump when chillers do not work. The pump must be lubricated well, as also the water seal and motor bearings. The alignment must be checked in a regular way.

Select treatment of water

Besides maintaining the HVAC system in optimal condition, one should also focus on water quality because problems like the build-up of scum and breakdown of the system may be caused by the poor quality of water. There is a need to invest in an efficient plan for water treatment which maximizes the performance of the system and boosts its lifespan.

For delivering all such services, one must hire a professional company for cooling tower maintenance. Manufacturing companies like BAC will design an effective plan for maintaining cooling towers which will ensure error-free operation. Professionals will have the proper equipment and tools to complete the job.