How to Look After Your HOVERBOARD

It’s not just about the hoverboardsinfo, anything you buy, you must know how to take good care of it. It is important to look after your hoverboards very efficiently if you want them to last longer. We have got some amazing tips for you to easily maintain and look after your hoverboards at home.

Take good care of your hoverboard battery

It doesn’t matter which hoverboard model you are using, it is clearly recommended to not charge your hoverboard battery overnight. This will not put your life at any risk but this will exhaust your battery life. Overtime charging can reduce the capacity and longevity of batteries. Another tip to take care of your hoverboard battery is to keep it fully charged all the time. Especially when you newly purchase it. It is important to charge your hoverboard battery 100% full before using it for the first time. When in charging mode, place it in a cool and dry place. Standard hoverboards hardly take 2 to 3 hours of charging. We strongly recommend not to skip these hours.

Keep the hoverboard wheels clean and dry

According to hoverboardsinfo, Hoverboard motors are embedded in their wheels. It is important to check their wheels regularly to make sure there is no dust or scrap inside. Use proper tools to clean them regularly. Dirty wheels can damage motor sensors that will result in imbalance control. Always check the direction of the wheel before riding. Whether the screws are loose or tight? Fix it with a screwdriver before you go. Well maintained wheels will lead you to a smooth and extended riding experience. Do a short test drive to make sure everything is working well. Your mind will be at peace before you go a long way on your hoverboard.

Check the wires and peddles once in a month

Take out your time to check your hoverboard wirings once or twice a month. It is an electric device that will definitely experience depletion when used regularly. To check its internal wiring, unbolt the hoverboard and check the wiring. Clean them with cotton cloth if you see the dust particles inside. If they are a bit lose or you spot any other serious wire damage that you can’t fix yourself, do consult a mechanic. Hoverboards tend to overheat when used frequently. If you’ve been using your hoverboard for a long time, you should let it cool down completely. This will result in durability and a smooth-riding experience. Check your hoverboard peddles if you ever feel uneasy after getting on your hoverboard. The paddles are probably loose and could seize up at any point. If you detect that the paddles are loose, get expert help. They’ll guide you in tightening them up as needed.

All hoverboards are not made for all terrains

Every hoverboard comes with a specific speed limit. Do not cross that limit if you want your hoverboard to function properly. Hoverboards that cost $100 and more are perfect mode of transportation. You must have to keep it with care if you want to get maximum benefit from it. Make sure you are not riding your hoverboard crossing its maximum speed limit, especially when you are not on a flat level surface. As all hoverboards are not made for all kind of terrains, do examine the surface level and capacity of your hoverboard whether they are a good match or not. Some hoverboards are suitable for use in sandy terrains or when going uphill, but this does not indicate that you can use them in warfare or in the forests. If you do this, the wheels and framework will easily pull out, leaving you with a hoverboard that used to perform well.

Can I wash my hoverboard with water?

Do not wash your hoverboard with water, as most of the hoverboard 200 dollars are not even supposed to ride in rain. They are not water resistant and water can damage its inner sensors as well. Clean your hoverboard gently with a moist towel. It is necessary to clean it in order to keep its gloss and the outer cover fresh. To avoid an electric shock, always disconnect the hoverboard from the power outlet.

Why does my hoverboard start beeping?

It usually happen when you ride your hoverboard faster than its maximum speed, it becomes dangerous and start to over heat. Beeping sound is a safety feature that kicks in when the hoverboard speed exceeds the maximum limit. The board may begin to slow down and beep to notify you that you are riding excessively fast.

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