How To Live Out of a Van

Van life has been all of the rage lately. People are posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter about their great experiences building out and then traveling in their vans. People do it solo to find themselves in solitude and travel, couples do it to grow closer and deepen their bond as well as experience fun things and families do it together to explore the world and learn new things. There are plenty of resources out there now for anyone who wants to get into this adventurous lifestyle. No matter the reasons for your interest, there is no better place to start than from the ground up Here are some top pieces of advice on how to actually live out of a van.

Protect Your Asset

If you live out of a van, your van is your home. It is also your storage pod, your car and your number one belonging all wrapped into a beautiful hunk of rolling metal. Because of this, it is your most precious asset. You should protect it! In order to do so, consider getting some cheap car insurance so that you are covered for reasonable issues. You could also invest in rechargeable security cams that store footage onto a wireless database so that, in the horribly unfortunate event that someone steals your van or breaks into it, you have footage of them that they can not steal. This allows you to persecute that thief or to help you for insurance purposes.

Personalize It

Nothing makes van life more fun than adding your own personal flair to the design of your van. If you only have the funds to buy a van as is to drive and sleep in, then you can still make it more fun and give it some personality with your decisions. Add some of your favorite blankets or tapestries to cover your windows for privacy, climate control and fun designs. Pick out a fun color or pattern of comfortable linens to line the seats or bed with. Only bring in the most comfortable sleeping materials so that you look forward to falling back into your van at the end of the day. You can even work with someone, or do the research and do it yourself, to build out a living space inside of your van. This allows for so much customization, possibilities for additional amenities and more! If you decide to work with a van interior builder or if you get down to business and do the work yourself, you have the great decision making skills that could lead to a toilet, shower and even a kitchen inside of your home on wheels.

Plan Ahead

This is important. When you live out of a van, there are certain amenities that you may have to sacrifice. One of these might be a shower, or perhaps a large toilet. Another is the ability to know where you are going to sleep every night. While you can plan ahead and reserve places to park your van so you can sleep, there is always the possibility for disaster. A tire could blow out, the park you were going to stay at for a week could be closed because of a natural emergency or something else. If this happens, you always want to have a backup plan and some extra cash. You may need to stay at the nearest hotel within walking distance from the mechanic’s shop, or you may need to have knowledge of where you can park for free in the are which you find yourself. You will never regret having that backup plan when you live in a van.

This intriguing and daring lifestyle is not just for hippies anymore. People of all different backgrounds and personalities are taking on this challenge for a variety of reasons. If you are definitely interested in living this dream out into reality, then consider taking some of these concrete steps to help you achieve that goal. Don’t forget to stay adventurous and have plenty of fun!