How to leverage recruitment agency software in the competitive hiring

Everyone knows that recruitment is highly competitive. The fast pace of the job makes work more taxing. Staffing agencies need robust recruitment software in order to optimise their hiring process.

Hiring top talent is tough

Skilled candidates with the right set of qualifications are not easy to come by. It becomes especially difficult because all other recruiters are vying for the same pool of candidates.

Time constraints also hinder the hiring process. Sometimes, the client’s urgent need can mean that recruiters have to work quickly to find relevant candidates faster than their competitors. Hiring companies expect a good list of applicants they can shortlist so they can select the strongest candidate.

Hence, proactive recruiters and their agencies should adopt the use of recruitment software. This is to help ensure that their talent pool is strong and expansive.

Advantages of recruitment CRM software

There are three major elements in the software that makes a remarkable difference in the recruiter’s work. It’s these three factors that enable recruiters to work at their best, running ahead of the competition.

•          Recruitment database provides a single, unified platform where recruiters can store all the important data in one place. It minimises the chances of losing documents. Access to data whenever needed is easier. Workflow is also streamlined.

•          The best CRM software integrates smoothly with other essential recruiting tools – candidate skills testing software, video calling software, etc. It should also work well with social media platforms to help improve talent sourcing.

•          Automation is present in recruitment software systems which help alleviate the load of tedious, repetitive admin tasks. It also boosts communication between candidates and clients. Overall, automation saves recruiters a tremendous amount of time.

In order to get ahead of the competition, recruiters should apply all the tools and tips they have at their disposal. And recruitment CRM software is one of the biggest advantages recruiters can have.

No matter how good a recruiter is or how skilled they are in relationship building, if they lack the right tools, they will lag behind their more tech-savvy rivals. Recruitment is a people-focused industry for sure. But we are living in a digital world where the majority of recruiting work is tech-driven.

From helping keep the work organised to improving candidate sourcing to get the best-suited candidates, proactive recruiters need the software to be one step ahead of the competition.

A good recruitment software also facilitates better candidate engagement and candidate experience which results in a positive brand image. The software’s ability to help recruiters check for candidate’s legal compliance – right to work, IR35, GDPR – in a way that is quick, comprehensive and easy is another huge win.

Find the best recruitment software for your agency

However, one thing that is extremely pertinent to bear in mind is the fact that one recruitment agency software does not work for all. Every recruitment firm is different with a unique set of challenges and following a distinctive vision for the firm. There will be different sets of tools being used.

So, the research must take all this into account when deciding the best recruitment software for the agency.

Conducting the preliminary research well is critical. Internet research delivers strong information. So does doing industry research. Product demos are free. Most software vendors are happy to do a few demos if that means the prospective customer will convert.

Recruitment agencies can take this opportunity to find the gauge which vendor has the right type of CRM that feels perfect for the kind of work they do and the tools they already use.