How to know which dating site is right for me? The most important criteria in 2022

Did your work colleague find his wife at eDarling? Did your best friend meet his dream woman on Tinder? All these success stories sound encouraging, aren’t they? No wonder you want to try your luck there too. 

Sure, there are many dating opportunities on the Web today. But where exactly do you find what you are looking for?  

If you simply google typical requests in this respect – you get more than a million results! Ouch, it probably is confusing… In the USA alone, there are more than 3000 dating portals. You can meet single Russian ladies, hot Latina señorita, stunning Western females there without leaving your home! It’s great – that there also are services that test and evaluate dating platforms. You can find them all on Google too. Although, how can general facts and subjective opinions of the reviewer help you? No matter how expert his knowledge is – he doesn’t know your expectations! To decide whether a certain website is right for you – check the criteria from our list. 

Your goal

If you are looking for a partner for a committed relationship: you will get frustrated after a few chats with fans of casual dating. And, on the other hand, if you have only a hot flirt in mind – you will run away after a conversation about marriage and kids. So it’s good to know who can be found at which dating site. 

As a rule, the more expensive the platform is and the better the options for creating a detailed user profile, the more likely it is to meet someone serious there. The cheaper the online partner search seems and the more essential your appearance is – the less binding goals have its members. There are, of course, always exceptions. Sometimes two lost souls find each other on the wrong platform.

Your budget 

It is extremely difficult to make a concrete statement about the prices on the various platforms. Because almost all portals lure new users with drastic special offers, free months of membership, etc. So it’s not surprising that countless comparison sites give specific prices that do not necessarily match with what you personally have to pay in the end! Your personal subscription plan ultimately depends on when you register, which package you choose and how long you wait until you make the first payment. One thing should be clear for you: know your budget. Don’t become a member of too expensive sites – it won’t do any good. 

Intuition or expert matching

Many dating review sites differentiate between matchmaking platforms and regular dating sites.

When choosing the second option, you just post a couple of photos, provide a few personal details, and you’re done. The representative of the first category works with what is known as classic matching. There, a personal profile is created on the basis of a psychological test that you complete when you register. The results of the test are compared with all answers of other users. It all happens with the help of an algorithm of a special program, of course. The outcome is also known as a matching score, and, in accordance with it – suitable partners are suggested. The questionings are sophisticated. And we are always amazed at how exactly they reflect the customers’ personalities.

So whether the level of the matching points is decisive for you, or whether you prefer to do everything yourself – that’s really a matter of taste!

Search radius

You need to figure out – how far your potential girlfriend could be living from you. The disadvantage of the regional partner search is the number of ladies is naturally lower – which, of course, means that the selection is smaller. However, a long-distance relationship is not the easiest task either… But the final decision is, for sure, up to you.