How To Know It’s The Best Type of Pillow Protector?


Everyone wants a good rest after having a hectic life for the whole day. And what things are the most affecting to your rest other than the sofa or bed? Yes, it’s the pillow. That’s why a pillow protector is a must in the household because it can keep the pillow inside maintained and make you sleep comfortably. 

Here to know more about the variety of pillow protector types. It could help you to choose the best one that suits you.

Part 1: Know your priorities

Part 2: Materials of a pillow protector

Part 3: Types of a pillow protector

Part 1: Know your priorities

It’s better to know or understand what’s your priority when buying something, pillow protectors are included. By knowing it, you will be easier to choose what is the best or right product for you. There are some aspects that you could consider if you’re planning to get a pillow protector. For example, size, feature, comfort, breathability, and material. Those are just some of many aspects that can help to know what’s your priority. 

If you already know what’s your priority, or needs, the next step that can be recommended is making a list. It’s If you’re geek enough. This will help you to remember what brand products you have found. 

Part 2: Materials of the pillow protector

Many brands offer pillow protectors with various choices of material. In general, most pillow protectors can be made of several types of material, such as terry cloth, wool, polyester, cotton, and more. These materials made different conditions for the pillow protector like the softness, nosiness, thickness, washability, texture, and the breathability of it. Choose the one that fits what you need and your priority like what it was explained above.

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Part 3: Types of a pillow protector

We have already talked about priority and material. Now let’s discuss the various types of pillow protectors or pillow cover that you could choose. Physically, all pillows protectors almost look all the same, but there are some features or advantages that differentiate them. Those features make pillow covers have several different types. Here are some of it :

  • Waterproof: Pillow protector that has a waterproof feature helps you to prevent the pillow protector from absorbing any type of threat liquids.  It keeps the pillow inside better by making it stay clean and fresh for a longer time. But this means you should wash the protectors often because the liquid is very likely to still be there. 
  • Hypoallergenic: This type of pillow cover is very recommended for people who have allergies, like asthma or nasal congestion. It is made to protect the pillow from anything that can trigger allergies which can be irritating for some people. Hypoallergenic pillows will help you to avoid allergens such as dust, pollen, and others. 
  • Temperature-Regulating: This type of pillow protector is the best one that can make the pillow breathe better. Not only that, but they also can block out any allergens that can be in the pillow. It was designed that way to optimize the airflow of the pillow. 

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