How To Know If Your Invention Is Already Patented Through Advanced Patent Search?

Have you recently discovered any outstanding ideas that can change the world? If yes, then the first task that you should do after the discovery is to protect the discovery with a patent. But at first, you need to know if your subject has already been issued for a patent to someone else or not. If not, you need to immediately apply for a patent that will authorize you with the exclusive power to shield your product or technology from intellectual property theft.

Sometimes the ideas are original, but they also should be different from the other technologies or products present in the market before applying for a patent. You can begin this investigation through advanced patent searches either by a professional company or on your own. It is better to hire professional expert help as they will conduct an in-depth examination of the patents before investing in the money and time.

What Is Discovery?

Your discovery subject might be new, or it can be an improvement of an already existing product or concept. According to the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office), discovery is defined as any process of inventing or manufacturing the machine, design, or composition. The inventor is the person who contributes to the idea or conception of the discovery.

What Do You Mean By A Patent?

As quickly as you explore that your discovery is patentable, you have to protect it from competitors. This is true even if your idea is just a concept in your mind or a rough sketch on paper. A patent is a sort of right offered to the inventor by the Federal government. Whenever you receive a patent for your subject, no one can sell or use it even for a restricted time without your permission. There are different types of patents, such as provisional, design, utility, and non-provisional ones. You have to give a detailed explanation of how your concept is unique and new.

Why Conduct A Patent Search?

Sometimes USPTO rejects a patent whenever it is too similar to another already issued patent. Thus before taking any particular steps for the design of your technology or product, creating a prototype, looking for a manufacturer for the invention, and arranging the required distribution network, find out if there any similar type of idea already in the market or not. Later, there can be an accusation of patent infringement if you proceed ahead with the concept that is too relevant to a patented product or idea. Thus without wasting your resources and time on the project, carry on a detailed Google patent advanced search and move onto the next concept if something similar is already present in the market.

Ways To Conduct A Patent Search

You can carry out a patent search on your own. However, suppose you do not come up with something by yourself. In that case, it is exceptionally significant to hire a professional company for a thorough and in-depth search before progressing your discovery to the next level. Below are some of the most traditional methods to conduct a patent search.

Look In The USPTO

On the USPTO official website, go to the image database section. By entering the related keywords that might describe your idea, search for the existing images, patents, and patent applications. The Cooperative Patent Classification or CPC is a new classification system of the patent jointly created by the EPO and USPTO. Click on any result that might be similar to your idea. After that Definition of CPC classification will appear. Implement this definition to refine any keyword for the search of your discovery.

Search The PTRC Library

PTRC or Patent and Trademark Resource Center is a part of a network that consists of state, public, and library libraries across the entire nation selected by USPTO to assist the inventors in performing a trademark and patent search. The members of the library can answer all your questions on how to protect your product or technology. You can implement the library resources to know how much similar your concept is to the existing already issued patents. After searching the trademark and local Resource center, you should always make an appointment before going for the search.

Invent Pertinent Search Key Phrases

Discover the relevant search terms or key phrases that might be related to your discovery while you start looking at the patent search websites. It might take days, weeks, or sometimes months to complete the search, so you should also keep track of your research’s progress simultaneously. You do not require to skip any significant work or leads while searching.

Implement The Google Patent Search

Google is a free search engine that helps in going through patent applications and other information from more than 17 patent offices all across the globe. There is also an English translation for non-English inventors to read the information. Many explorers find Google an easy and fast way to carry out a patent search.

Filing For A Patent Application

The preliminary patent search will take you only this far. Thus, before filing for a patent application, you need to help a professional agent who handles the patent applications and searches with expertise. When you are ready to file an application, the agent or the company will ensure that you have all the necessary information for patent filings like detailed descriptions and abstracts.


It is exceedingly significant to conduct a thorough online patent search service and have a specialized patentability opinion on the same. Working with an expert agent can save your money and time by carrying out a patent search to decide if you should move forward with your idea to file under the USPTO. They will become your guide and mentor in acquiring patent rights. Thus it is always better to know if your patent is already patented by someone else or not before draining out everything.