How to Know If Your Cell Phone Has a Tracking App?

In today’s digital age of technology, what is the ultimate source of all your data gathered in one place? That’s right – your cell phone. If there’s one secret keeper that you have, containing everything from your contacts to your billings or reminders, it’s your cell phone. So naturally, a device that contains your entire life practically can prove to be a very vulnerable asset as well.

Tracking cell phones has become way more common than you can imagine, and if you’ve got a hunch that maybe your phone’s being tracked, no matter how insignificant you consider yourself, there’s quite a chance your gut feeling is right. But how would you know if someone is stalking you through your phone? Well, don’t worry; you’ve found just the right spot to learn if your phone is being tracked or not.

Here are some of the signs your phone is quite likely being tracked:

Increased Data Usage

Has your graph of data usage suddenly begun to touch the ceiling without any changes in your online habits? Well, that’s a sign you should not ignore. Of course, tracking apps will send back the data they’ve gathered to their boss (who coincidentally appears to be your stalker), and to do that, the apps would consume a rather handful of your data.

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Overheating of Your Cell Phone

As the tracking apps constantly run in the background and constantly consume your phone services, the extra load without any break, of course, overheats your poor cell phone.

Odd Sounds in a Call

Hearing weird noises during your phone call and blaming your network services for it? Think twice because if any of your other acquaintances using the same network aren’t facing any such problem, it could be the tracking app causing problems. The apps, while collecting all your data, are also designed to monitor and tape your calls.

Unexpected Text Messages

If you receive offensive or weird messages, or your contacts complain of receiving bizarre text messages from you that you have never sent, it could also indicate a tracking app or software installed in your phone. SMS worms are a common way of spreading the installation of the tracking apps in other phones by sending a link.

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Sudden Reboots

Unexpected reboots can mean a warning sign that a third party has access to your cell phone as its admin. This is never a good sign, especially as it gives access to the unknown party to control most of your phone settings and almost complete access to all of your private data.

Slow and Hanging Cell Phone

Every phone nowadays has a high-end performance and is fully capable of running multiple apps at the same time without ever getting stuck. Yet, if you notice your phone slowing down or lagging without any changes in your day-to-day usage, it could mean your cell phone has been bugged with a tracking app.

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Difficulty in Rebooting

Where sudden reboots can create the probability of your phone owning a secret tracking device, difficulty when you shut down or reboot your device could also mean that your phone is bugged by a tracking app. Tracking apps tend to prevent the complete shutdown of cell phone devices so that they can carry on with transmitting their data without any hindrance.

Quicker Battery Drainage

Despite you turning your Wi-Fi and GPS off and even keeping the battery saver on, if your battery still drains way too quickly than the average, in all likelihood, your phone could have a tracking app installed.

Tracking apps continue to use your data and location services to keep a record at all times. They need to be running at all times in your background, so it comes as no surprise if your battery consumption is below par.

True, it could be a sign of an old battery, but if other signs also fit your situation, it is better to be safe than sorry.

So now that your luck has taken a turn down the wrong road, and you’re sure your cell phone does have a tracking app, what to do next?

If you’re an android user, you should know that no app, no matter how stealthily it is made, can be hidden from the app’s manager. So, all you have to do is find the tracking application in the app manager list and delete it manually.

For iOS users, updating your device is an effective solution to get rid of the tracking app in your cell phone. However, if the app still persists in both operating systems, and the warning signs continue, as a last resort, you may need to factory reset your phone.

Unfortunately, many cell phone devices can become a victim of being tracked, and no doubt the act is quite dangerous. This is why if you notice the signs listed above in your cell phone, do not take them lightly. Though tracking apps are meant to be stealthy, they always have significant other signs. Taking timely notice can help protect you against all your personal information and data being exploited and can help you lead a safer life.

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