How to Know If AC Fan Motor Is Malfunctioning

Summer season is around the corner and before the pleasant sunlight turns into scorching heat, it’s wise to get prepared in advance. For the people who live in hot and humid regions, the air conditioner is not a luxury but a necessity. It is one of the most crucial components of any home but often we ignore its maintenance until it stops working. Over time, your air conditioner may develop several issues that might lead to a sudden breakdown. Of all the problems faced by AC units, the most common one is a faulty fan. The fan is a vital part of your AC unit that circulates cool air throughout your home. The AC fan motor plays a crucial role in keeping your home cool and comfortable.

The AC fan is located in the condenser unit, the part of your AC unit outside your home. It is the AC fan motor that turns on the fan and when it goes bad, your AC would fail to circulate cool air. But how to find out that your AC fan needs repair or replacement? Similar to other electrical appliances, AC is also a complex system with many important parts. If your AC unit is not working properly, there can be a problem with any of these parts. However, there are a few signs that indicate your AC fan motor is faulty and responsible for the issue you’re experiencing.  Let’s check out some common signs and symptoms of a bad AC fan motor.

Odd Fan Blades Movement

If your AC’s fan blades are working odd, it indicates a problem. Ideally, the fan blades spin when your AC is turned on. But if the blades are not moving when you turn on the unit or don’t stop spinning once the AC shuts off then that’s a problem. So, take a look at the blades to notice any unusual movement. Sometimes, the fan blades spin but they rotate slowly. Spinning slower than usual is also a problem.

Low or No Cold Air

Do you feel your AC is not cooling as it used to be? If your air conditioner is blowing little or no cold air then that definitely an issue. Not getting enough cold air means your fan might not be working as it should. Possibly the blower motor is damaged or there’s dust accumulation. When you notice any problem with the AC fan, it is likely because of a faulty fan motor. Sometimes, repairing it works but when the fault is beyond repair, you will need to replace it with a new AC motor.

Strange Noises

Another sign that indicates a problem is an odd sound coming from the condenser. If you notice a loud banging, clanging, buzzing, or rattling sound when you turn on the AC means possibly your AC’s fan motor is acting up. Humming or buzzing from the motor may also mean that motor blades are malfunctioning. Besides making noises, a faulty motor may also result in cutting out your AC periodically at strange intervals. This could happen because of motor overheating.