How To Kill Fly Larvae

Generally, fly larvae need to feed for 3-5 days early in their development. During this time they are tiny and white in colour. Despite the small size, it is not easy to eliminate them without the right tools. Fortunately, you can get rid of it by using a number of natural and preventative remedies and chemicals.

Home Prepared Solutions

Few problems are more annoying than a fly larvae infestation, but you may already have what you need at home to get rid of them:

  • If you have dog shampoo, you can make a permethrin solution to kill the larvae.
  • If you have bleach, you can use it to kill the larvae effectively without spending too much money.
  • If you have a carburettor cleaner, you can use it to make a harsh cleaner.
  • If you have diatomaceous earth, you can spread it on the larvae to dehydrate them.
  • If you have vinegar, you can eliminate the larvae and prevent them from returning.
  • If you have essential oils, you can use them to protect the garbage can from infestations 

Using Chemical 

  1. Apply a permethrin spray if the invasion is moderate. Permethrin is a synthetic substance used as an insecticide, repellent or acaricide. It is generally used in the production of sprays for the elimination of scabies and lice, but 2-3 pumps are enough to kill the fly larvae. You can also find it in the form of shampoo or cream. Mix 4 parts of boiling water with 1 part of permethrin-based dog shampoo and slowly pour the mixture over the larvae.  
  2. Mist the spray or apply the mixture within a radius of 1.5-7.5m from the site of origin of the larvae. This way, you will cover the entire affected area and prevent these nasty intruders from returning.
  3. While permethrin is safe for hair and scalp contact, be careful not to get it into your eyes, ears, nose or mouth. If this happens, rinse immediately.
  4. Permethrin and synthetic pyrethroids can be lethal to cats and fish. So, keep these substances away from your pets!
  5. Mix the bleach and water in a bowl and apply the solution if there is a heavy infestation. Combine 240ml of bleach and 240ml of water in a plastic or metal bowl. If you have to apply the mixture on soil, pour it gently on the area overrun by the larvae, trying to cover them all. If the larvae are in the garbage can, fill it with bleach and close the lid, so the vapours will completely exterminate them. 
  6. Let the bleach sit for about 30 minutes before opening and cleaning the bin. Once emptied, prepare more mixture in the quantities indicated above and pour it inside to prevent the return of the larvae.

Use Natural Methods

  1. Use boiling water. Put it to boil in a large pot for about 5 minutes. Pour it slowly and carefully over the infested areas. This method is especially useful if the maggot invasion is located in the garbage can or basement. In the meantime, take out the garbage as it is a source of nutrition for these parasites.  
  2. Close the dustbin to keep the heat from dissipating.
  3. Do not use this method on walls or carpets, as moisture can cause structural damage to the home and encourage the development of mould.
  1. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth over the larvae to slowly dehydrate them. Diatomaceous earth is a sedimentary siliceous rock, used as a detergent and insecticide. Disseminate enough to completely cover the larvae. It will attach itself to their exoskeleton, gradually dehydrating them and killing them for lack of water.  
  2. You can find it in hypermarkets, gardening stores and hardware stores.

Prevent the Problem

  1. Do not throw meat and fish in the garbage. Flies (which lay eggs) reproduce mainly in decaying meat and fish. So, if you want to reduce the risk of a maggot infestation, never leave animal food leftovers in the bin. Here are some solutions to fix the problem at the source.  
  2. Make a meat broth using the bones and leftover meat. Put everything in a pot of boiling water, add some spice and bay leaves and let it simmer for about an hour.
  3. Store some of the meat or bones in another refrigerator (or freezer) until garbage collection day, and then throw everything away. The meat will not rot at low temperatures.
  4. If you need to eliminate leftover meat and fish, wrap them in paper towels before throwing them away. If flies do not have access to it, they will not be able to lay eggs.
  5. Use essential oils. For example, you could use mint, laurel or eucalyptus. Essential oils are excellent fly repellents. Choose the one you prefer and dilute 4-5 drops in a spray bottle full of water. Spray the solution on the infested areas. You can also spray it on a cloth and wipe it on contaminated surfaces. 
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  • Throw out the expired meat.
  •  Always close trash cans and clean them regularly with bleach.
  •  Install mosquito nets on the windows.
  • Rinse the cans before throwing them away or put them in a container for recycling.
  •  Remove fallen fruit from the trees in your garden.
  • Never keep pet food outdoors.