How to keep yourself warm during winter

There are several things that we enjoy in winter. Still, there are various shortcomings, too, as you may enjoy the lovely snowfall during the winter season while there are several others who struggle to keep themselves warm. But you can enjoy the winter season without any problem if you follow some tiny instructions. In India, you can observe a clear winter and summer season. The summer in India becomes very harsh and humid, and the temperature may raise to 45 degrees Celsius. It would be best to have either an air conditioner or an air cooler to beat the summer heat. Similarly, during the Indian winter, you can feel freezing temperatures up to 4 degrees Celsius. You need to burn fire or install a room heater to keep yourself warm. 

In this article, we will talk about some ways that would help you keep warm during the winter season. People often ignore the tiny solutions when they are up to solving an issue. But in many situations, tiny solutions are very effective. This article will tell you about some tiny solutions that can make your winters even more enjoyable. Take a look at these simple yet effective tips to transform your winter experience. 

Warm clothes are the first options.

Your main priority should be keeping your body warm. There are several ways to warm yourself in winter but putting up warm clothes is the easiest option. The biggest advantage of using such clothes is that they will be with you wherever you go. 

It is very easy to turn ON the heater in your home, but you will not carry that with you when you go outside. Having multiple layers of clothing will help you a lot in maintaining a proper body temperature. While doing so, you should keep in mind that warm clothes need to be inside while the others should be on the outside. 

Try to keep the cold air outside.

Windows are the favourite pathways for letting the flow of cold air inside your room. Most people don’t take this tip seriously, but you can make tremendous changes by dressing the windows and doors in warm clothes. You can expect tremendous effects once you do it.

There are other things that people don’t pay much attention to. When you are trying to keep the cold outside, you should focus on every aspect. Buy keyhole covers to block every draught. You can also use thermal linings on curtains. It will help you in keeping the heat inside.¬†¬†

Don’t hesitate to bake.

When you are baking something in your house, the whole surrounding gets heated up. This habit will not only reduce your intake of oily food, but it would also raise the temperature indoors. When you can increase your house temperature using the oven, you can cut down your electricity usage. 

Arrange your blankets in a proper way

Blankets are the most important utilities in the winter season. When the temperature gets too low, you may struggle to maintain body temperature with one blanket. And keeping too many blankets is quite a difficult situation. You can get comfy with just a few blankets.

You can do it by covering your blanket with some thin and dense cloth. This way, you can keep your blankets light but increase the level of comfort. 

Avoid the use of alcohol if you want to drink to raise body temperature.

The increased body temperature you feel after having some alcohol is because it expands your skin’s blood vessels. It is not a natural way of increasing the body temperature. During this process, you may feel the warmth in your body, but many organs’ heat is driven away.¬†

Mind the temperature in your home

When it’s freezing outside, you can stay warm indoors only when the temperature is suitable. Proper temperature can be maintained by paying more attention to the heating appliances in your home. In extreme cold situations, your living room should have a temperature of 18-21 C(64-70 F) while the rest of your house should be in 16C (61F).¬†

Many people struggle to maintain the room temperature even when every appliance is working properly. In such a situation, you should try to get the appliances services. 

Avoid lying on the bed or couch all the time.

It is a very common habit of many people during the winter season. They keep on lying on the bed or somewhere else with a blanket. And almost everyone who does this struggle to maintain their body temperature. Being static for long hours reduces your body temperature. You can avoid such a situation by keeping yourself active most of the time whenever you are doing something. 

Several yoga and other exercises have also been designed for winters. You can try one of them to maintain proper body temperature in the winters. 

Modify your eating habit a bit

If your body is cold from the inside, you can’t keep warm no matter how many clothes you have put on. You can naturally maintain a proper body temperature in winters by increasing the intake of some particular food materials. In this section of the article, we are going to talk about some of those items.¬†


Along with all the anti-inflammatory benefits, turmeric also helps people in keeping their bodies warm. Several healthy recipes require turmeric. You can try one of them. If you cannot find such a recipe, you can add a teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of milk before drinking. It is a healthy tip that has several other benefits as well. 


Honey is quite warm. You can increase the intake of honey in winters to raise your body’s temperature. Honey is very helpful in keeping you away from the common cold and other flu-like health situations. As it tastes great, you can consume a tablespoon of honey every day. If not, then are you can mix honey with milk before drinking.¬†


Cinnamon is another important food material to use in winters. Cinnamon produces heat inside your body. You can add cinnamon to your coffee or milkshake for better usages.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are considered one of the best for promoting health. If you consume dry fruits in proper quantities during winters, your body temperature will remain favourable. Along with this, you can also cure several vitamin deficiencies by using dry fruits. 

Electrical Appliances

Although the above methods will help you keep your body warm, you will feel freezing temperatures. There are many electrical appliances that helps to lower the temperature and supplements of burning fire. It is always advisable to install an air conditioner or a room heater to maintain warmth inside your house. You can buy a geyser or a heating rod to warm the water for bathing. 

Final thoughts

We have discussed several ways to help you maintain body temperature in winters. Apply them and which one suits you the best.