How to Keep Your Vape and Coils Problem-free and Ready to Go

You’ve been happily puffing away on your vape and then unexpectedly it starts to leak. What’s the problem and how do you fix it so you can get back to enjoying your favourite habit?

A common reason for leakage is simply that you’ve overfilled it. A few drops now and again are nothing to worry about, but a more substantial leakage needs you to act. After all, you won’t want to waste any of that great e-juice and/or ruin your vape kits for good, would you?

Here’s our checklist of ideas for fixing a leaky vaping device.

Check #1: Look at the seal

Over time seals will perish and will lead to leakage so it’s just a simple matter of replacing them. You will find seals between the tank and cap, the coils have them between the top and tank base.

When you replace them avoid over-tightening. You might find simple push-fit coils in later pods. With these be sure to push the coils in securely. You might hear a click.

Inspect your tank for any cracks. They may not be obvious so look closely.

Check #2: Are the vape parts properly tightened?

It seems obvious, but sometimes we miss what is staring us in the face. Check to see if the liquid is escaping from the tank’s joints. Fluid will leak if you haven’t connected the various parts properly. Just make sure you don’t tighten them too much as this can result in cross-threading and you might never separate them again.

Is the atomiser head securely connected? If it’s a push-fit coil check if it’s screwed in enough. If not, it won’t be sealed, and your e-liquid could escape.

Check #3: Are you following the instructions for filling the vape tank?

Firstly, you need to be sure you aren’t overfilling your tank. The bubble of air at the top creates a vacuum which helps stop the e-liquid from escaping through the airflow holes. If you fill yours from the top, make sure you stand it upright and don’t allow the liquid to go into the chimney – the hollow tube in the tank’s centre.

Check #4: Is your vape coil or pod ready to be replaced?

Maybe you need a new coil. When to change the coil depends on the type you have fitted. Most last for 7 to 21 days, but this can vary with factors such as the quality of the coil and how well you maintain your vape. If there is too much liquid in the coil it doesn’t convert to vapour.

Check #5: Is the coil faulty or are you using the wrong one?

Coils have different wattage and resistance ratings so choose the one that’s right for your vaping style. If you choose the wrong one, too much e-liquid can pass through the coil. Instead of becoming vapour, it can leak through the air intake ports. Even worse, it can be sucked out of the drip tip and directly into your mouth.

Check #6: Are you using the wrong e-liquid?

You must use the right vape juice for your device and vaping style. Check you have the right PG and VG liquid and rating. With high PG e-liquids, you need a higher resistance coil as liquids are thinner. Flooding will occur if the resistance is too low. If you’re using an e-liquid with a high VG ratio, then use a lower-resistant coil as the fluid is thicker and can clog the small holes of high-resistance coils.

Finally, when should you change the coil?

To prevent damage to your vape pen you should change the coil regularly – we recommend every couple of weeks on average. There are five signs you need to be aware of that you need a new one:

  1. Your vapour clouds are disappointing 
  2. You get a burnt taste 
  3. The e-cigarette makes an unhealthy crackling or gurgling noise
  4. A leak appears
  5. The flavour becomes unpleasant or weak

All it takes is a little TLC and a sharp eye to keep your e-cigarette in good shape and ready for when you want to use it.