How to Keep Your Kitchen Cool During Summer

Several things should be red hot in the kitchen, but none of them should be you. Cooking and preparing a meal can sometimes take a lot of time and energy, with some meals demanding more preparations than others. During the process, things can get a bit heated up. Before you know it, it is you that is sizzling, instead of your meal. 

While some smells are certainly inviting and appetizing, it’s important to vent and keep the overall feeling of the kitchen clean so that they don’t remain and mix with others. With all the stuff that is happening, it is easy for them to pile on, and start ruining the overall tone that you are trying to create. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips and tricks to get you going.

1. Lights and fans

Apart from switching from LED lights that produce a lot less heat than regular prosperous ones, you can turn them off altogether. Any little thing helps, since having a bunch of them light up can add to the overall temperature increase. Fans on the ceiling, or in general, help keep the air circulating and flowing, which also lovers the temperature. Just like your kitchen oven has fans to redistribute the heat, so too can your fans do on a bit larger scale in your kitchen. A fresh, constant breeze can make all the difference and help you cool down, as well as your kitchen.

2. Early start

Just as the early bird gets the worm, so to can an early cook get the meal and avoid the heat. It is usually a lot cooler when the day starts and before noon, so using this to your advantage can help you beat the heat. Also, you can take this time and prepare meals throughout the day and not have to worry about that, which is also a good time saver. Meal prep, in general, saves you time, money and energy. Not to mention that it also helps you keep the kitchen nice and cool. Preparing for the entire week and then just defrosting and heating your delicious meal is a great and sure-fire way of keeping the place nice and cool. 

3. Window management

The greatest heater in the world is the Sun, and it doesn’t choose which homes to heat, and which not to. On a bright and sunny day, your kitchen becomes the oven due to the sheer temperature outside. Opening the windows and closing the roller blinds can keep the outside heat from coming in and allow the air to circulate freely. Using the natural elements to your advantage and controlling the ones how you see fit is the proper way of doing things. As you can control the oven, and every other element in your kitchen, so too is it possible to control the area as well. It is your kitchen, after all, so your rules apply.

4. Wall insulation

While we agree that this item is a bit pricey, it can apply to the whole house and not just for the kitchen alone. Investing a bit into quality insulation yields benefits on all sides throughout the year. Your energy bill goes down as well as the temperatures during the hotter periods. Insulation prevents all that heat from escaping during the winter when you do your best to heat the place. At the same time during the summer, it helps keep the place nice and cool as it keeps the heat out. In both cases, you can view it as a shield that keeps your hard work and progress from escaping and going to waste.

5. Use the great outdoors

One way to get creative with heat management is to take it outside entirely. Being crammed and couped up inside the same four walls can get boring. And let’s face it, food tastes different when you cook it outside. Grilling outside takes the heat out of the equation, you don’t have to worry about grease stains and the lingering smell that you simply cannot take out of the drapes. Outside cooking is a great opportunity for a family meet up, or to invite your friends over as you now have a lot more space for activities and you are in no worry of overheating as the natural airflow and weather work to your advantage.

Making any changes to your lifestyle or house can seem daunting at first. There seems to be so much that you have to do and, it can seem overwhelming at first. As you take the first step and many subsequent afterwards, you will get dragged into all of it. Before you know it, results will start to appear as any change is better than none. Pretty soon, you will have a cool place to cook with the heat just where you want it to be. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.