How To Keep Your Kids Fit & Active At Home

The involvement of children in exercises from a younger age paves the way for a long and healthy lifestyle. While kids fitness classes are always an option, if you’re stuck at home with the kids and want them to spend more time being active than sitting on a screen, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you.

Limit their On-Screen Time:

This is the easiest way to start. When children play video games, watch tv, or go on their phones they are likely to be sedentary. While these activities are okay in moderation, limiting their time on these devices means they are more inclined to play actively instead. Use their favourite devices and technology as a reward for playing actively.

Turn Chores Into Exercise:

Kill two birds with one stone by turning your children’s chores into exercise. While it sounds like their two least favourite things combine, this makes exercising fun, and chores easier than ever. Put on some music and make things fun. Folding washing? Make it a race and place the washing basket at the end of a hallway so they have to run there and back to see who can fill it up first! 

Kids Yoga: 

Yoga is an easy and fun way to get kids interested in exercising. It’s also a great way to calm them down and help them focus. Teach your kids new yoga poses and see which ones they can master. The fun animal names of many yoga poses keep it interesting for kids too.


If you don’t have all the fancy equipment to exercise with your kids simply put on their favourite tunes and encourage them to have a dance party. Dancing is a full body workout and a great little burst of cardio. The kids will be having fun and laughing while expressing themselves and working up a sweat.

Reward them:

Play games with an incentive for your kids. Make sure games are always fun and fair but with a healthy amount of competition to encourage them to try. Rewards can include their favourite video game or snack, or even getting to choose what games you play next.

Lead By Example:

Chances are, if you show your kids how fun and important exercising and keeping active is, they will want to join in. Teach them from a young age how and why it’s important to exercise and all the benefits of doing so. The more they understand it the more they will want to do it. Lead by example and include your kids to encourage them to keep active and healthy. 

Tailor It To Them:

Is your kid a soccer fanatic? Or maybe they prefer basketball? Either way, find out exactly what your child is interested in. Once you know what they like you know exactly what exercise they are going to want to engage in. This means your job is 10 times easier as it will take half as much convincing.