How to Keep your Home Hygienic and Clean? 

Almost everyone attends to regular cleaning to keep their homes clean and tidy. 

But do we go the extra mile to certify that it is hygienic for our kids and family?

Keeping your home clean and healthy is very important. Given the uncertain times that we are breathing in; health is definitely a top priority for everyone.

You want to prevent the mitigation of bacteria and viruses and also reduce the chance of Covid-19 spreading (as it hasn’t ended yet). 

Therefore, digging a bit deeper when cleaning your home is always worth it. You need to make sure that you hire a mold removal service to breathe healthy and clean air within your home. Likewise, there are a lot more tiny yet crucial steps that one can take, to ensure cleanliness and hygiene within their premises. 

Cleaning your Kitchen:

the majority of the activities in a household gravitate in the kitchen, this place needs to be extremely clean. You want to make sure that the surfaces are hygienic. Always disinfect your benchtops after using them. Do not use dirty sponges and towels daily. Clean them every second day to make sure that they are clean of bacteria and germs. 

Wipe the floors and surfaces daily. Just like epoxy flooring is perfect for commercial spaces. Using low VOC sealants and finishes for kitchen floors is a great way to keep cleanliness maintained. 

Cleaning your Bedroom:

Dust mites and dust always make their way into bedrooms. These lead to poor quality, unhygienic air which can be harmful to you. To keep your bedrooms clean, you must use a disinfectant solution for cleaning the surfaces at least once per week. Wash your sheets every week. If you can change them twice per week. Sleeping in for 4 days, on a single bedsheet is sufficient. Always vacuum your mattresses regularly. 

Cleaning the Bathroom:

Your bathroom is an easy handle for carrying pathogens, germs, and bacteria. It is very important to maintain optimal cleanliness. Disinfect your flush handles regularly or sanitize them daily before sleeping at night. Likewise, sanitize the toilet seat as well.

Mold can thrive largely in bathroom spaces. Thus, getting it removed is crucial. You can also clean it on your own but still. If it grows, you will require professional help to get rid of it. Keep the handles clean and make sure that you wipe the floor regularly. Try your best that soap scum and hair do not go down the bathroom drain to avoid clogs. 


Indoor spaces have evolved significantly in the past few years. They have come a long way. 

There is no denying that most of them have boosted our conveniences. But at the same time, many of them have opened ways for germs, bacteria, and viruses as well. 
Thus, taking extra cleanliness measures is a smart way to keep your spaces clean and boost hygienic homes. All it requires is a little time and minimal effort to attend to regular cleaning and you can breathe in good quality air, within your home.