How to Keep Your Car Tires Safe?

If you are living in Dubai, then keeping your car maintained is necessary. You may have to travel a lot for personal or professional reasons. Here, we will discuss keeping the tires safe for safe travel on long routes. You can also sell your car Dubai at very effective rates and get an initial investment for your new car. 

Check List for tire Safety

  1. Check Regularly

It is essential for everyone to check tires daily to know whether there is an initial problem with the tires. Either you can check them yourself if you have proper know else ask a mechanic for the deep check. It helps to avoid any major cause or accident in the future. It also helps in increasing the life of tires of motors cars through regular maintenance.

  1. Check the Air Pressure

Within 15 days, you must get the tire pressure checked by the mechanic. People often avoid this point and end up with frequent tire punctures that reduce the life of tires. It is also responsible for excess fuel consumption and sudden punctures on highways.

  1. Alignment of Tire

It is another major part essential for driving safety and helps in preventing major accidents. Especially in summers, due to extremely hot weather in Dubai, there is the possibility of tire depletion causing accidents. It is recommended to everyone to check them once a month. The major indicators of tire depletion are vibration in steering wheels, unable to drive straight, or uncentred steering wheel. In all cases, you must get the alignment checked. 

  1. Rotate Tire Frequently

Rotating tires is essential after riding the vehicle for a minimum of 5000 kilometers and a maximum of 10000 km. It ensures the distribution of air pressure and alignment in the right position. Different vehicles have different rates of rotation. 

  1. Buy New Tires After Every 5 Years

The life span of tires of any vehicle is a maximum of 5 years. It is suggested to get new tires after five years. After that, the rotatory power and pressure start reducing frequently. To know the manufacturing date, check the five-digit code on the tire. The first two digits indicate the week of manufacturing, and the last two digits indicate the manufacturing year. 

How to Get the Best Tires in Dubai?

  • You can get the best car deal from local dealers in the market. The best time to buy is in the festival season to grab huge offers. Even you can sell your car Dubai via dealers.
  • The tire of the vehicle must have high resistance to heat as the country’s temperature goes as high as 50 degrees every year. The tire quality matters most for long-distance travel.
  • Check the wheel alignment while buying a tire or new vehicle in the market. It is preferred to go to the same dealer who suggested the vehicle earlier. 
  • Any new tire will not cause vibration in the wheel. The vibrations after adjusting the new tire will be the least. Hence, one must check if the vibrations are more or less. If it is making more vibration, then get it replaced asap.

In this way, tire safety becomes an essential part of Dubai to increase vehicle life and decrease the number of accidents. Earlier, accidents were increased extremely in Dubai due to less knowledge about heat resistance and vehicle safety guidelines.