How to Keep Your Car in Good Form in Spring

After a long winter, this is the time to give special care to your vehicle. Some car users already understand the need to give optimal care to their cars during spring.

Besides cleaning dirt, getting new paintwork on your car, and other tips, there are other areas to take seriously during spring, including changing from winter to summer tires.

When Should You Start Spring Cleaning for your Car?

Winter causes a few potential issues, or actual damage to your car, for example, road salt gets on your car and can get to every corner of it during winter which can cause minor damage to paintwork, headlights, and car windows.

Your car wiper blades may also be affected by the wintry conditions. Therefore it is necessary to bring your car back to good form as soon as you approach the spring season.

However, early spring cleaning is not advisable, but you can start the spring car cleaning now this month.

The reason is that you want to ensure there’s almost no frost again. Easter is generally used as a rough guide, this is when you also plan to change your tires.

How to Take Care of Your Car in Spring

1. Check the Car Engine

Even non-motor vehicle enthusiasts can at least perform a visual inspection of the car for technical defects.

For example, check whether your lighting system is still fully functional. Cracks or holes might have appeared on the exhaust, which is why a check on your car is necessary.

Also, open the hood of the car and check the general condition. This is where road salt and the usual road dirt store, especially in winter. Failure to remove these crusts, and salt deposits can result in malfunctions.

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2. Remove Road Salt and other Dirt

The most important thing is to take your car to a washing facility for thorough cleaning.

Before you take your vehicle to a car wash, make sure you already remove coarse dirt with a high-pressure cleaner to avoid scratches.

I will also advise you to clean the wheel arches as well, as car washers usually leave out this area.

Car experts at Techpally also advise against washing the underbody of the car, as the underbody cleaning can be done automatically when the car moves on wet roads. Avoid excessive pressure that may lead to damage.

You should ensure the car is taken to a quality car wash, take some time after the wash and examine the paintwork of your car for stone chips.

Stone chips in the windshield should also be professionally repaired.

If you’ve decided to wash your car yourself, then hose down thoroughly beforehand, and clean with a special care sponge.

Don’t try to use household cleaning products to wash your car, they are usually too aggressive and can negatively affect the paintwork of your car. Go for car cleaning products only!

3. Clean the Windows and Interior

To make your car fit for spring, you should clean all windows from the inside, as a film of dirt has certainly formed here due to the moist air.

Also, check that the wiper blades are still working properly. The rubber squeegees crack quickly from ice and snow, which causes streaks to form when wiping. If so, replace the windscreen wipers.

The penetrating moisture also creates a lubricating film on the cockpit. The plastic surfaces are best cleaned with a special cockpit cleaner. Afterward, polish dry, and everything shines like new again.

Since a sunny day is a good idea for a spring cleaning of the car, you should also ventilate the car thoroughly.

Surely, the footwell of your car has not been spared from the split, salt, and other impurities.

The best way to clean the interior is to remove all the floor mats and carpets. If you used rubber floor mats in winter, these can now be changed for the summer version.

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