How To Keep On Top Of Child Bedroom Decor

Children can change their minds a lot. They can follow a crowd, copy an opinion or just believe something they see on tv to be gospel. On the flip side, the little ones can also be obsessive and get fixated on one particular item/subject/possession that encapsulates them, carrying their full attention for large parts of the day. 

The point is that infants are extremely unpredictable and as soon as you think you have them sussed and their situation all under control, they switch it up and frustratingly keep you guessing. So how on earth do you keep their room to their taste and find the delicate balance between cool dinosaur bedding and embarrassing nursery rhyme curtains? 

We have come up with some areas to focus on to help you out; 

Listen Intently

Children are not backwards in coming forwards, if they like something they’ll tell you and if they want anything you will know about it. Just be prepared for the reverse when they are telling you things they don’t like that you wrongly presumed were cute or that they hate something you bought that cost a fortune. 

From time to time, you will get the inevitable shock into tears treatment when a surprise goes wrong but the good news is that controlling this is in your hands. The key point is to observe, listen and absorb the words and reactions of your child BEFORE making any decisions about their room/clothes/belongings/toys etc, it applies across the board. 

The trick as a parent is knowing when your little cherub genuinely likes something and has an affiliation to it or when they are just saying it because the kid next door has one or they caught a glimpse of a flashy TV ad that prompted them to speak up without any depth to their new-found interest. 

Neutral Ground Is Your Friend

The lack of clarity and the potential for children to change minds more than their socks can leave parents undecided on whether to commit to a certain theme or particular colour. In this instance, you need to go backwards to go forwards. 

By this we mean, if a couple who are expecting a baby and do not want to find out the sex until giving birth then the tendency is to decorate and prepare the babies room/nursery in neutral colours and plain decor until they know if they are having a boy or a girl. 

All you have to do if you are unsure or have any reservations about what your child will approve of is to repeat this process and then add things that are interchangeable around the neutral colours. Which brings us to…

Accessorise What You Can

Having a neutral base allows you to experiment with accessories like bedding, curtains, clocks, picture frames and canvases to brighten the room up. These can be themed around what you think your child likes, and if you get it wrong or their obsessive phase alters to something else the next month you have the ability to re-start and swap the little things around rather than completely redecorate.