How to Keep Love Alive: 7 Secrets of Happy Couples

Nothing beats “honeymoon” in a relationship: you hold hands tenderly, never tire of kissing, confess your feelings to each other, and look forward to a new meeting. The sweet period of infatuation eventually ends. But a new level of relationship is not at all a reason to give up passion and caring for each other. Happy couples work day in and day out to maintain romance and intimacy. So, try to make it a routine to observe at least some of these simple rules.

They go to bed at the same time

Do you remember the time when you just started dating and could not wait for the moment to bed down embraced each other? Falling asleep at the same time is not a whim, but a necessity. Happy couples go to bed together, even if one partner wakes up much later than the other.

They hold hands

Happy couples are always looking for intimacy. The most elementary manifestation of love is holding hands or gently hugging a partner’s waist while strolling together. It is much more important to be here and now with your beloved than to look at the sights alone or take selfies while your significant other is dragging along somewhere behind.

They have common interests

He probably won’t be able to share your shopping passion, and you shouldn’t cry out for fishing with him. But it is very important for you to find common interests and enjoy spending time together. Tango or samba, making sushi or cooking steaks, traveling around the world, fitness training, exchanging photos in live dating chat, watching your favorite comedy series – choose the activities that both of you really love!

They do not nag at each other

Happy couples focus on the positive things that they do for each other. Anxiety over trifles, whining, or frequent criticism is not the best way to win someone’s heart. Talk to your loved one if something bothers you, but stop nagging at them over nothing once and for all. Psychologists advise: instead of trying to solve problems with criticism, use a positive approach. For example, if your spouse spends too much time at the computer screen, try to playfully remind them of the chief thing: “I miss your company. Maybe you will join me in the living room?”

They hate routine

Your romantic relationship should not become mundane and tiresome. To keep your love alive, make spontaneous decisions, amaze each other, spring funny surprises, and find new exciting ways to spend time together.

They say “I love you” at the meeting and goodbye

Before leaving for work in the morning, give your partner a deep kiss and tell them how much you love them. When you get home after a hard day, do this again. People forget that, sometimes, the smallest manifestations of love and attention have a tremendous impact on the atmosphere in a couple. If you start the day with a gesture of love, you start it on the right note!

They pick the words Try to avoid phrases like “I don’t care”, “It’s up to you”, “do as you will”, etc. By saying them, you shift responsibility to a loved one and demonstrate your detachment and disinterest. Instead of brushing it off, just share your opinion with your partner.


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