How to Keep Employees Engaged When They Are Working at Home

There are over 55 million freelancers in the U.S. Most of them work from home, working on projects for businesses.

With COVID-19 affecting the workplace, you now have more people working from home. You have more people trying to shelter-in-place and work from home.

To top it off, they have to try and stay productive at home with kids and family around. They have to create a balance that works for them and their family.

If you’re a boss, you may be wondering how to keep employees engaged while they work from home.

While it may seem like a tall task because you can’t physically engage with them, there are still some effective strategies to motivate your employees while they work from home.

Keep up Communication

Communication is essential for any workplace. Your team needs to communicate projects, deadlines, expectations, and more.

That’s why using software like Slack, a workplace communication channel, allows you to manage and communicate tasks between employees.

Slack is a great way to maintain communication. It also keeps your employees engaged because they understand what they need to do.

You should also consider getting your employees used to video conferencing. Using tools like Zoom can also up with communication.

Zoom is a great way to video conference with one employee or have the whole team jump on and discuss goals and how working at home is going.

Offer Rewards

Having a reward program for employees while they work at home can also boost productivity.

As a boss, you can offer employee rewards on specific projects, on meeting a certain quota, or something else. Overall, it incentivizes the employees to work for something besides a paycheck.

Employees will be incentivized to do more while they work at home, so they can an extra vacation day or gift package.

You can also offer perks and discounts at restaurants for your employees as another form of reward.

Offer Recognition

Some employees need recognition as motivation. They want to feel like their voice is heard and the work they are doing is not going unnoticed.

As a boss, you should speak directly with employees and offer words of encouragement. Tell them what a great job they are doing. Give them a virtual high five and tell them why they are so valuable.

It goes a long way in motivating employees.

Why It’s Important to Know How to Keep Employees Engaged

It’s important to know how to keep employees engaged because sometimes people lose focus at work. They lose focus on when it comes to working at home and their kids around.

There’s also no boss looking over their shoulder and less motivation to finish because when you’re done working at home, you have nowhere to go. You just close the laptop and you’re home. That’s why it’s important to find motivating ways to keep employees engaged.

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