How To Keep Cigars Fresh

Maybe you just received a carton of cigars from an acquaintance for a special occasion like your birthday, Easter celebrations, Christmas, or another fantastic event. Well, maybe your team members decided to hand you a pack of cigars as a thank you gift to appreciate your efforts and hard work. You wouldn’t want to mess with such a precious gift and it’s unlikely that you’ll already have an electronic cigar humidor. So, until then you’ll want to try by all means to ensure that they are stored in the right way.

But how do you do so? How do you maintain the right humidity for your cigars and keep them fresh so as not to disrespect your gift?

Maintaining the right humidity for your cigars is key to achieving a longer shelf life. In essence, your cigars may dry out in no time if you keep them in an extremely dry environment. The blanket rule of the thumb is that cigars should be stored at a temperature of 68 degrees and a humidity averaging to 70%. However, maintaining the humidity at 70% could be a tricky process. As such, variations between 62% and 72% will yield the desired results.

Here’s how to keep your cigars fresh longer.

Never think about the Fridge

Many cigar smokers will advise you to keep your rolls in the fridge. However, this is a lie you must avoid. The cool and dry air inside the fridge will make the cigar sticks dry in seconds- this is the direct opposite of what you need. Your cigars may also absorb the flavors of the other items stored within.

Rotate the Cigar Sticks

Some parts of your “ideal” storage environment may have varying humidity levels. Giving them a regular rotation will allow the cigars to be maximumly humidified. You may also try moving the cigar sticks that are closest to your humidification tool furthest then bring those at the back closer.

Try not to mix flavors

Store different flavors separately if you are an enthusiast of flavored cigars. In the real sense, cigars absorb the flavors of the compounds and substances they’re stored close to. Separating will also allow you to get the cigar flavor that you only desire when you want to enjoy the smoke.

Zipping could work wonders

Zipping is one of the simplest ways to ensure that your cigars remain fresh for long. Here, you’ll only need to place a few sticks inside a zip top freezer bag containing a damp paper towel or sponge. Ensure that it is tightly sealed to prevent foreign air from moving in. 

In essence, the wet towel will be effective in keeping the contents humid. However, you must check the contents regularly if you’re planning to store the cigars for long to ensure that the wet materials haven’t dried up.

Check the Tupperware

You may adopt a Tupperware container as your temporary humidor. Check out a container of the befitting size containing a tight-fitting lid and place the cigars alongside a moist sponge. Be keen to use distilled water any time you decide that this will be the way to go. In essence distilled water will help you to prevent molds from growing on the moist sponge. Also ensure that you wring your sponge out to prevent water from accumulating in the tin. Also ensure that you check the contents regularly to minimize dryness.