How to keep away from bad products while doing online shopping?

Online shopping became a craze in this era. Online shopping is time-saving as well as sometimes better than physical shopping in terms of promotions, sales etc. So, doing online shopping became a habit for many to have the daily necessities to get the most exquisite product.

While the purchaser buys products offline, the purchaser actually can feel the product, can judge the product and then can make a decision. So, the possibility of getting a bad product is minimal. But in the case of online shopping, the possibility of getting a bad product is maximum as the purchaser can not feel the material, can judge the product based on its quality.

While doing online shopping we make a buying decision based on the following characteristics-

1. Description of the product provided by the supplier

2. Images provided by the supplier

3. Specification provided the supplier

4. Reviews provided by the others who purchased the product.

Among the above four points, only one part is filled by the real buyers. All other information comes from the seller side and as a result, the possibility of fake products, bad products or expired products still remains if you do not check the reviews provided by the real purchasers.

How to avoid a bad product?

To avoid a bad product while doing online shopping you can follow some procedures.

Check Images

Check whether high-quality images are available or not. If the image quality is not high, do not purchase. If the image quality is high, then zoom in to check the original quality of the product. If it is apparel check the thread count and thread type etc.

Check Bad and Good Reviews

Products without reviews are not trustworthy. Similarly, a product with all 5 starts is also fishy. So, check both bad and good reviews to understand which property of the product making people unhappy and which feature people are loving. But often reviewing the review is a tedious process. If you are going to purchase something really important, you can depend on AI. There are some tools that analyze the reviews and understand the sentiment of the people and then summarize the good points and bad points of that product.

Check Specification

Checking the specification of the product you are going to purchase is really important. This is because a product with improper specification may not only be unusable it may also cause serious damage. For example, wattage is important for electrical equipment. If you buy a product that exceeds the total wattage allocated to your home, it may get burst and cause serious injury to the inhabitants.

Checking every detail of a product is important if you really want to buy a good product online. Checking the good reviews and bad reviews simultaneously is the best way to check the usefulness of a product.