How to install the hottest Tik Tok ringtone 2022

Let’s learn with how to install TikTok ringtones for phones quickly and easily. The hottest music TikTok will show your personality on your behalf.

Install TikTok ringtones to your phone.

What is TikTok ringtone?

TikTok application is no longer strange to a large number of users. It can even be said that, besides popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, …, TikTok is gradually becoming the most popular platform to use today.

On TikTok, you can find great music or pieces of music that are listened to a lot. Maybe an original song is not too impressive but will be remixed to become more special.

And if you want to use these music to make phone ringtones, then follow the next content for detailed instructions.

Using music on TikTok to make ringtones is no longer a new thing for everyone.

However, before setting TikTok music as your phone ringtone, you must open the TikTok application and download the music you like to your device first.

The steps to download music from TikTok to your phone are as follows:

Step 1: Access the TikTok application and then select your favorite music video > Click the share arrow icon located in the right corner of the screen to expand the settings options.

Step 2: Then you will see that the system will display a new interface> Click on Save video to proceed to download music to your phone.

The video download process takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on the network speed you are using.

Set TikTok ringtones for Android phones

Step 1: Go to the TikTok application and download the music you like to your device. Then open the “Settings” section of your Android phone > Tap the item “bar & vibration”

Step 2: Here you will see the system displaying different items. You click on the item “Ringtone” > Continue to press “Select ringtone on the device” in the new screen.

Step 3: The system continues to switch to a new window, select “File Management”.

Step 4: Here, select the TikTok ringtone file downloaded to your device in step 1, click OK > Click “Apply” to select the above song as your phone ringtone.

So you have done all the steps to install TikTok ringtones on your Android phone.

Set TikTok ringtones for iOS phones (iPhone)

If you use the iOS operating system, then follow the following content of Ring Tones Free to know how to follow the steps to set your favorite music on your computer into a phone ringtone as follows:

Instructions on how to download and install music on TikTok as phone ringtones.

Step 1: First, go to the App Store application to download the GarageBand application to your phone first.

Step 2: After the application download is complete, open the application and swipe right. Then click on the item “Audio receiver” to go to the next step.

Step 3: At the next interface, click on the icon of 3 dashed bricks located in the top left corner of the screen. The new screen of the application will open > Click on the Loop icon located in the lower right corner of the screen > Continue to click “File”.

Step 4: In the interface of the Files folder, you proceed to select the TikTok music file that you love and have downloaded.

Step 5: Then you adjust the length of the phone ringtone to the chorus or any part that you love. The way to do it is very simple, you just need to drag the 2 ends on the screen.

Step 6: Then on the upper corner of the screen, click the inverted triangle icon > Click “My Songs” to save the music.

Step 7: Long press on the saved song so that the system will open hidden options, click “Share”.

Step 8: Click “Ringtone” > Click “Export” to export the music you edited in step 6.

Step 9: Finally, go to “Settings” > Click on the “m sound” item > Continue to click on the “Ringtone” item to choose a TikTok ringtone to complete the installation process.

The hottest TikTok ringtones 2022

Oh earthquake?

Hai turns the car

The road of love is a bit clumsy

Recovering Potion – Pham Thoai

You are beautiful and innocent in the age of the full moon

Fireworks Remix – Dat Long Vinh

Lonely Star – Jack J97

Kidnap the heart – Lou Hoang

Those who hold people let go – Hoai Bao ft Chau Duong

Is there anyone behind you – Thieu Bao Tram

Holding hands – Thai Hoc

Let’s get married – Hong Thanh

Wow, Meme

Surprise, old lady

Because his mother forced him to break up – Miu Le

Ever loved – Phan Duy Anh

When to remix – Huong Ly


Want you to be – Keyo

You should stop – Khang Viet

Linh Lac – Kim Thien

Hope the above sharing will help you to use great ringtones. If you still haven’t found your favorite music, click Ring Tones Free to listen to the hottest TikTok ringtones today.