How To Install Kodi On The Firestick

Have You heard the name Kodi in the online ads..!

Yes, Here we will show you exactly how to install Kodi on the firestick easily and in a fun way. Now first we look at what is Kodi?

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free, open-source, media player software stream from hundred of all content across the world. It is supported by all different operating system even the different software and hardware without any problem. It is developed by the XBMC is their official website, it can be installed anywhere if you want and also even you are having example pc, MAC, Linux machine, android phone, TV anywhere to access your local drive video, downloaded video & music files in your hard disk and it is also better than NetFlix. I am told that in beginning only, it is 100% free and also open-source means anybody put content in their Kodi.even  Kodi also has 3rd party addon but it is a software to play music, TV shows,  media type player, you can access any content you want. This is a short note about the Kodi.

You can get the Kodi on a wide range of different platforms, in this content we will show you how exactly Kodi installs in firestick tv and fire tv commonly known as Firestick.

Which version of Kodi is the best?

If you have to decide about which version of Kodi you want to install on your firestick,.It is having a two version 1 st version is Jarvis, and 2nd is krypton where Jarvis is easy to use and it is flexible. But if we look for its performance it is not that much given that performance, just like a buggy, and another one krypton is a super flexible to Ton overcome the disadvantages of 2016 version of Jarvis even secure, they introduce the krypton 2017 thus it solved all the problem of 2016 version.

NOTE: Use a VPN to control your activity on the net.

How to install on Kodi in Firestick?

I am told, you how to install the latest version of Kodi on your amazon fire tv device in a simple easy, and quick way.

 NOTE:  This is for educational purposes only, we will not promote any illegally licensed addons content, It is completely your responsibility. we do not responsible for any intellectual property.

Steps for installing Kodi on amazon firestick?

Step 1:switch on the TV and plug the amazon fire tv stick.

->go to settings in that goto my fire tv click inside ->developer option then apply from unknown source turn on.

Step 2: goto home, just click on the home button your remote control device. In that remote, you can find that it’s having a recorder search or even you can use typing keyboard display in the tv just type downloader.

Step 3:You will get downloader display then just click on that icon of downloader ->click on the download then it will install after installing suddenly pop up will show next allow to access your device and click on the OK.

Step 4: type the official website of the after typing that go then install Kodi 19,.->open it, and give access to all.

Now you have installed Kodi successfully on your device.

Step 5: goto home, just press the home button, in the search box type the above URL you will get the webpage in the downloader app,.scroll down, you will find the android green logo then select it, and also select your version based on your fire TV stick.

Step 6: After that, it is having a release and nightly version, compared to the nighty version it has some of the bugs select it there go to .apk installer file. It will start downloading after the download of 87mb depending on your version. You will get prompt pop up then just install it, then go to back you will get the Kodi installed on your firestick TV, it will appear on the home page.

The above are the 6 steps you have to follow when to install Kodi on firestick.