How to Install and Edit with Windows Movie Maker Free Download?

It is generally seen that the Windows Movie Maker Free Download is easily the best software for their needs for most users. There are indeed others with a wide range of features, templates, and options, yet when it comes to straightforward editing, the Movie Maker from Windows performs to the utmost satisfaction. It supports just the necessary tools and effects that most people would like while posting their videos or making short films.

It is undoubtedly powerful software, although no more supported by Microsoft. Yet, it is freeware and can be downloaded from reliable sites like here at so that you can start with smooth editing of your video. On this site, you get the software pre-scanned with Avast and AVG anti-virus software.

Software that is Designed for Windows

You will find the Movie Maker software designed to run on Windows devices. It means that you can download it on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows XP and Windows Vista. The software contains trouble-free features that are a pleasure for an editor of videos. In other words, these features are Effects, Transitions, Titles, Credits, Audio Track, Timeline Narration, and Auto Movie. You are also offered new effects and transitions that you can make on the software while existing ones can be modified using XML code.

You have to get to know the four main sections of the Windows Movie Maker Free Download: Task Frame, Collection Frame, Media Preview Pane, and Storyboard Timeline Frame. So your first step to last for making a professional video would be to go through the tutorial. After this, search for Movie Maker by opening the Windows Start Menu.

The next is to name your project and start adding your video clip or photo. Then you need to add a Title Screen for your movie and also add credits for it. After this, add music to your video, and lastly, finish your film by adding an Auto Movie theme.

Features for Professional Editing and Video Audio Making

You will find the layout consists of Storyboard View and Timeline View. You will also find Collections for organizing imported videos, while the preview pane helps you get a preview. The whole thing will be seamless when you get used to it, for it is pretty straightforward. You can import footage into the program. You may either choose to capture video with the help of a camera, scanner, or other devices or import it into Collections through accepted formats.

You will find the latest Windows Movie Maker Free Download has automatically created clips during the capture process. It is also noteworthy that the efficiency of the importing and editing process greatly depends on the amount of file fragmentation of the hard disk. You get the best results by adding an extra hard disk dedicated to scratch space. You need to re-format and defragment it, then resort to deleting to give fantastic editing.

After capture, you can drag or drop clips anywhere on the Timeline. After the clips have been put on the Timeline, they can be split, duplicated, repositioned, or edited.