How to increase Social Media Followers? – 3 Best Methods

Social networks are not only a place for communication and entertainment, but also a powerful tool for promoting a business, brand or personal blog. The more followers you have on social networks, the more chances you have to draw attention to your product or service, increase audience loyalty and conversion to sales.

But how do you get followers on social media? What methods and strategies work best? And how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls? In this article, we will tell you about the most effective and proven methods.

Method 1: Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising is advertising that is shown only to users who meet certain criteria, such as gender, age, geography, interests, behavior, etc. Thus, you can pinpoint your target audience and show them relevant and attractive ads.

Targeted advertising can be different in format and on the platform. For example, you can post banners, feed posts, carousels, videos or stories on different social networks: VK, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Each social network has its own characteristics and advertising requirements, so it is important to study them before launching a campaign.

Targeted advertising has many benefits, for example, you can:

  • achieve high conversion and ROI (return on investment), as you show ads only to interested people;
  • control your budget and pay only for the results achieved (for example, for clicks, impressions or subscriptions);
  • test different ad options and optimize them during the campaign;
  • analyze the effectiveness of advertising and get useful statistics about your audience.

To successfully use targeted advertising, you need to:

to study your target audience and its needs, interests, problems and motivations;

define your goals and KPI (key performance indicators) for the advertising campaign;

choose appropriate social networks and advertising formats for your product or service;

create attractive and relevant promotional materials (texts, images, videos, etc.);

set up targeting and budget for your ads;

launch and track an advertising campaign, test different options and optimize them along the way;

analyze the results and draw conclusions for future campaigns.

Method 2: Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing useful, interesting, and valuable content to your audience. Content can be different: articles, posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, webinars, case studies, etc. The main thing is that it solves problems, answers questions, or satisfies the interests of your target audience.

Content marketing has many benefits. You can:

attract subscribers in an organic way, without spending on advertising;

establish a trusting relationship with your audience and show your expert level;

increase the loyalty and engagement of your audience by encouraging them to communicate and give feedback;

increase conversion to sales by providing your audience with useful information about your product or service.

To successfully use content marketing, you need to:

choose the right formats and topics for your content;

create a social media content plan and calendar;

create unique and useful content that will solve problems, answer questions or satisfy the interests of your audience;

distribute your content across different channels and platforms using different methods and tools (for example, hashtags, reposts, collaboration with bloggers, etc.);

track and analyze results from content marketing by measuring various metrics (for example, reach, engagement, subscriptions, sales, etc.);

optimize your content as you go, taking into account the feedback and preferences of your audience.

Method 3: Buying Followers

Buying followers is a way to increase the number of subscribers for money. There are many services and agencies that offer this service at different prices. 1000volgers.nl is one of the cheapest options. You can order a certain amount for your account or group in any social network.

The benefits of buying followers are obvious. You can:

  • quickly and easily increase the number of subscribers without spending on advertising or content;
  • create an impression of popularity and credibility of your account or group among other users;
  • increase the trust and loyalty of your audience, as people tend to trust what many people like.

To successfully use the purchase of subscribers, you need to:

choose reliable and proven serviço 1000seguidores or agencies that offer high-quality and live followers;

determine the optimal amount for your account or group, so as not to arouse suspicion among other users or the administration of social networks;

combine buying subscribers with other promotional methods, such as targeted advertising or content marketing, to increase engagement and conversions for your audience;

control the quality and activity of your audience, remove fake or inactive subscribers and encourage live ones to communicate and give feedback.


Growing social media followers is an important task for any business, brand, or personal blog. There are many methods and strategies, but we have reviewed the three most effective and proven ones. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the one that suits your business, goals, and budget. It is also important to combine different promotion methods in order to achieve maximum effect and results.

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