How To Increase Engagement On Instagram Stories



At present, when you are considering social media marketing, your focus must be on engaging the audience you currently have. 

It is necessary not always about reach or views of our activities, but more about the number of people who are taking action when they are seeing your post or content. Increasing engagement is vital for building a reliable community on Instagram. 

When we are talking about engagement, Instagram stories are the most neglected ones. Instagram stories have a lot of features you can use to engage your audience. In order to increase the engagement of your Instagram profile, you can buy instagram followers cheap

How To Increase Engagement On Instagram Stories

Now the question is, how you can increase engagement on your Instagram stories. As we have mentioned in the above section, Instagram stories have enough potential. To not just attract but also engage audiences. 

We believe these below-mentioned tips will help you a lot in making your Instagram stories more engaging. 

#1 Tell A Story

Be an obedient user and do what Instagram is telling you to do. The name itself asks you to tell a story, so tell. Tell a story to your viewers with a beginning, a middle, and an end. We totally understand it is easy to just post a photo. 

But, at the same time, you are also required to offer your audience a little context in order to make their experience better. 

#2 Add Captions

Adding a caption is a simple, still a clever way to improve your Instagram story’s engagement. To be honest, most of the users mute the sound when they are scrolling through their feed. 

In this scenario, the viewer is totally unaware of what you are talking about in that video story. Adding a descriptive caption will help the viewer understand what the video is about, and they might stop scrolling the feed and actually watch the video. 

#3 Use Stickers

Instagram stories stickers are a fun way to engage the audiences. Along with making your stories more attractive, it is really effective when it comes to viewer engagement. Using the stickers, you can directly ask your audience to launch their questions. 

This is indeed a great way to develop a connection with your audience. You also can make them part of your operation, by asking them to choose between two different options, and whether they like the new products or not. 

#4 Use Prompts

Often, you might need to tell people what you want them to do. In your Instagram stories, you also can prompt your users to increase time spent on your particular stories and retain viewership through multiple like stories. 

Here are some effective options you can opt for for your Instagram stories. 

  • Tap for more.
  • Hold to read. 
  • Get ready to.

#5 Opt For ‘Screenshotsble’ Stories

It can really be a great option for interaction. Here also, you can use the prompt sticker along with a screenshot-able sticker. Here, actually, you are promoting your users to take a screenshot of the fill-in blanks questions or tick mark and cross over questionnaires. 

After taking the screenshot and writing the answers, ask them to send you the answers on dm. You also can utilize the potential of wallpapers for adding and giving a little something to your lovely audiences. Lastly, we can not end this part without mentioning the stories contests. 

#6 DM For Download

The current social media climate is all about generating more engagement and getting your present audiences to talk to you. You can simply ask your viewers to DM to get a freebie. This can be anything from an eBook to a downloadable checklist or even a seat at your upcoming webinar. 

This way, you will actually be able to make a list of people, who are genuinely interested in a specific subject, and you already have started a direct conversation with them. This is much more engaging, and also you will be able to add to your email list directly. 

To Conclude

We believe from the above discussion; you get a path to start your journey towards increasing engagement on your Instagram stories and eventually to your instagram profile. In case you have any further questions, you can write to us, we will try to come up with a solution as soon as possible. 


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