How to improve your sales enablement materials to win more deals

As an entrepreneur or marketer with a sales target for a business period, sales enablement should be your core consideration in planning. Sales enablement is the process of equipping your sales team with the right skills. It helps the team meet target sales or boost the sales margin.

Sales enablement materials are the materials used by the sales or marketing team to carry out sales enablement. Those materials aid the sales team in achieving the sales target. Materials like linguistic and translation services by CPSL are essential parts of a sales enablement tool.

This article will be explaining a few materials you can use in enhancing your sales enablement materials.

Tools that Help Improve Your Sales Enablement Materials

Sales enablement, if not properly harnessed, can still be ineffective. This shortcoming might be as a result of the wrong usage of tools or material. The following are tools that enhance sales enablement materials and ways of implementing them;

  • Create An Outstanding Sales Presentation

Regardless of the level of understanding a potential client may have about your company, a sales presentation inform your soon-to-be customer on the capability of your company better. You must ensure the presentation takes into consideration the problem your customer faces and the solution you can provide. The company’s strength and opportunities available to the client should also be part of the presentation.

The presentation can be a personalized video with incorporated text, and a voice-over that agrees with your company tone. This form gives the information a better chance of reaching a wide range of audiences.

  • Make Use Of Customer’s Reviews And Case Studies

Getting feedback and reviews from clients and customers and making them available to your target audience is necessary. It can be a separate presentation in written, or video format or You can incorporate it into the sales presentation. It is a practical way of proving your abilities to potential customers and helps gain their trust.

In some cases, many customers demand feedback and testimonials to ascertain company credibility. Therefore, there is a need for you to equip your sales team with reviews and testimonials. It can also be used on the company’s websites and social media handles.

  • Implement Thought Leadership Content

Creating brilliant work presentations are a sure way for you to get new prospects. It can also be used to convince a former client to revisit the company for sales. A leadership presentation addresses issues like your edge in the industry, innovative attempts by the company, and plans for improvements in the company’s service delivery. It shows that you are a customer-centred company.

The thought leadership content can be implemented through various schemes like blog posts, videos, voice-over contents, eBooks, and any other awareness medium. The sales team should always be encouraged to make this part of their presentations.


Competition for sale is tough such that everyone either competes or quits. Companies with an active sales enablement equipped team have the edge over others in the market. Implementing the right sales enablement materials is a sure way to meet sales targets.