How To Improve Your Call Center Team Performance

Your call center’s success depends on the performance of your agent. The better they perform, the better the customer satisfaction rate. As this kind of job can be sometimes tedious, motivation and engagement of many agents wane which results in poorer performance and productivity.

To help your agents stay motivated and high-performing, there are several steps you can take to ensure the best possible customer service.

Call Center Gamification Software

Using call center gamification software is one of the most successful ways of keeping your agents engaged and motivated in performing their everyday tasks. There are plenty of software solutions available, but as an example of how helpful it can be, we’ll take Centrical (formerly GamEffective) gamification software for call centers.


Centrical’s solution helps you cut down absenteeism and turnover, as call center agents get an opportunity to be rewarded and recognized for their hard work.

It can also help with improving CSAT and handling quality and times. Agents’ goals and performances are visible in real-time; they get a chance to have their proficiency boosted with personalized learning which is fun and exciting.

Agents are given points for each task they complete, passing levels, and unlocking missions created to achieve their personal goals.

These points are given based on metrics as gamification software uses real-time data to measure performance. Dashboards show all agents’ points so every one of them can see how well they perform and how much they need to do in order to achieve their personal goals. This keeps all agents constantly focused and more engaged.

As mentioned above, Centrical’s software provides personalized micro-learning features and daily feedback. Agents have a chance to learn new skills and become more capable and confident.

Other ways to improve call center performance

If you opt not to use a software solution, there are other ways to make your agents more productive.

Here are a few steps to consider.

Target for Achievement

It is a must to have clearly defined goals and steps that can lead to achieving them. Once you have all defined, you can work on encouraging desired behaviors (you can mix extrinsic and intrinsic motivation techniques) and create a self-development environment.

There are plenty of ways to motivate your agents, some of them being:

  • Praising your agents’ hard work.
  • Giving over-achievers ‘pet projects’ to work on.
  • Offering flextime, banked hours, or duvet days.
  • Scaling rewards to match achievements.
  • Organizing regular social events.

Share Best Practice

Having all agents listen to a good call will reinforce the desired behavior, help agents learn from what they hear during the call and improve their performance.

Re-Examine Key Performance Metrics

Re-examine the key performance metrics that have been used for judging the performance of agents. You can also consider judging new business sales, customer satisfaction levels, the life-time value of clients, etc. This helps agents find a balance between effectiveness and efficiency.