How to Impress a Headhunter

A big part of the process is learning how to sell yourself. As sad as it sounds, the people who do the best in the business world are those who can effortlessly market themselves to other people. Not only do you need to do a good job, but you need to be seen to do a good job. You need to learn how to promote yourself if you want to get the attention of a headhunter.

Put Yourself Out There Online

Headhunters are tasked with searching out talented people – usually for senior positions. They search inside other companies, they search through government databases, and they also search the internet. If you make yourself a little more visible on the internet, you may draw the attention of headhunters.

You could make a website that displays your online CV and perhaps displays some of your talents, skills, and achievements. It could be the story of your life if you wish, just so long as you leave out the negative stuff.

You could put yourself on social media websites like LinkedIn, where you may upload your CV with the hopes that headhunters will find you. There are also job-hunting websites where you are able to upload a CV. It may be worth uploading a CV to some of those websites as you will be found not only by headhunters but by a number of different recruitment companies.

Contact Companies And Leave a CV

You should apply for relevant jobs if they are available, even if you do think you have no chance of getting them. The HR department may store your CV on file, which may be used by headhunters in the future.

With that in mind, you may also like to contact companies in a cold-emailing manner. In other words, you contact them without being prompted to do so by job vacancy adverts and such. Simply contact them and offer them your CV. There is a small chance their HR department will put your CV on file and then contact you when jobs open up. Also, if a headhunter is assigned to find talented staff members, then they may find your CV and contact you.

Networking and Getting Introduced

The old saying, “It is not what you know, it is who you know,” is very true. You should make a point of networking with other people and gaining as many contacts as you can. When recruiters and headhunters start working, the people they talk to should think of you. If you can get other people to introduce you to headhunters, then it puts you in a very strong position.

Final Thoughts – Do Favours For Other People

Be sure to introduce your contacts and your friends to recruiters when you come across them. Never be afraid to do favours for other people when it comes to jobs because those same people may play a key role in getting you a job one day. Even the experts at Eagle headhunters will admit that even though they look for the best talent externally, there is nothing more powerful than a trusted person introducing a possible candidate. In short, if you want to impress headhunters, then work on your people skills, and learn how to sell yourself.


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Time Business News Editor Team