How to implement call tracking services in your business

Generating leads is the most significant function for any business to grow over the long term. Marketers say that lead generation is a complex process, but that has changed severely in the recent decade.

Sales lead management is nurturing, tracking, and managing leads before they pass to sales for closing. It is a procedure that utilizes careful planning, functions, and workflows that allow a business to identify, qualify, and nurture leads to increase its conversion rate and the expected value every lead brings in. Using lead management technologies helps to generate more leads in a shorter period. Carefully monitoring & evaluating leads at every step of the sales funnel benefits the business. Firstly, high-value leads that need to be more sure about buying can nurture further to guarantee even they convert. Secondly, this ensures that high-value leads are kept from sales for unknown reasons.

Every business needs to conserve resources & raise its level of productivity to survive in the competitive business world. Call tracking service allows a company to ensure all of this while boosting conversion constancy, which is essential for steady long-term growth.


Leads can be segmented for numerous reasons. In sales management, they can be segmented into classes on the lead quality, value, & how far they are into the buying procedure.

Acquisition & Tracking

Acquiring leads is where the procedure starts, and the basics of lead acquisition are pretty standardized. Attract traffic to your site using a potent marketing mix & provide the audience with value in the form of content.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring has become vital to the process of lead qualification. A vigorous lead scoring system helps an occupation a lot in qualifying & prioritizing leads based on the scores they transmit. It is a method used to progressively score leads with numerical values based on the profile & behavioral characteristics. Lead scoring takes your information from the initial stage of lead management to the last step before they pass to sales.

Lead Nurturing 

Lead nurturing is the whole thing that comes between lead generation & lead conversion. This is the distinguishing factor between only generating leads & generating leads and building a decent rapport with them at each step in the sales process. Nurturing your leads in the right way benefits your business as it alters a client’s initial curiosity into confidence in making a purchase. When a B2B lead drops to your site, they will not make an impulsive choice and will continue consuming content on your site and through your social channels and slowly moving. 

Tips for an Improved Sales Lead Management 

Create Dynamic Numbers to Track Simultaneous Leads

Dynamic phone numbers are exclusive numbers displayed for every customer visiting your brand. It lets companies track multiple users concurrently while only showing a phone number per page, linking each customer with their lead source while maintaining exclusive personalization across all your pages.

Clearing of the Bottlenecks 

The chances are that despite all lead filtering and qualification procedure, some leads may get stuck at some stage. This is bound to create bottlenecks & slow down the whole sales pipeline. To clear flow in the sales pipeline, the leads need to be taken out of the channel and addressed. Call tracking with the call analytics system makes changing client experiences even more accessible. Dynamic numbers across web pages can tag and track users through their journey. Enable modified interactions by routing calls based on factors such as previous engagements, capturing customer intent or feedback, then flawlessly delivering this information to a call agent before connecting.

Define your Perfect Customer 

Drafting and expressing an Ideal Customer Profile can be the finest addition to your business’s lead management function. Knowing what kind of customer your products and services profit the most and who among those are likely to make a purchase takes out the guesswork from your marketing & sales function. You will be able to target leads efficiently, which raises the complete efficiency and helps you achieve steady growth. Businesses generate a lot of data that can be helpful for them in many ways. One such feature is knowing which sources generate quality leads and which aren’t through advertising attribution. Knowing this can aid you in channeling your efforts & resources to the authorities & channels that provide you with better high-quality leads.

Automatically Resolve Customer Service & Reduce Call Times

With call tracking, you can instantly route calls to the correct department based on set attributes. You can send repeat clients to agents they have dealt with before. Customer experience is improved because you do away with hold time and endless menus, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. By creating dynamic numbers for specific customer issues, those calls can directly route to a prevailing resource qualified to deal precisely with the issue for quick resolutions. The subsequent stats can then be used for additional training and product or service development.

Advantages of call tracking

With call tracking, you will notice some distinct improvements to your occupation right away:

  • Exact transcripts of phone chats, regardless of the chat’s length.
  • Firmographic data, including the business where the caller works, the business of that company, and where it is located.
  • Permanent records of numbers that called you so you can call back &follow up.