How to identify non-serious car buyers?

Car dealers have the fear of walking into a scam whenever they try to sell their car. This is usually more intimidating for those dealing with numerous buyers for the first time. If you find it hard to sell your car, click here to sell used car in Sydney.

You should be able to spot the red flags yourself also. Once you have managed to identify non-serious people, you will be able to prevent yourself from the hassle of dealing with nasty people and you will also be able to crack a best deal. Here a few things that you can do in order to find out the non-serious buyer:

Interview the buyer:

People who are non-serious and time wasters can be identified easily if you are able to interview them appropriately. You must ask all those questions that can help you know if the person taking interest in your car really wants to buy your car. Ask questions regarding his needs, features he is looking for, price of the car he can afford and many such questions. If you learn during the interview that the person’s answers are totally irrelevant to what you are selling, you can close the deal.

Accept cash only:

It is better to accept the cash only from the buyer which will help you prevent the scam. If the total price of the car you are ready to sell at is under 2000$, the buyer can easily pay you via cash. However, if the buyer insists you accept the check, you must take him to the bank and cash the check while he is present there.

Determine if the buyer tests your car:

The person who values your time will definitely ask you to allow you to check your car. The person who has interest in your car will never object in lifting your car’s hood and driving the car to inspect the engine. The interested buyer can also ask you to have the chassis number of the vehicle in order to see and validate the history of the vehicle. The person who is not wasting your time will go to great lengths in order to check if the car is worth the purchase or not.

Figure out if he negotiates:

The serious buyer will always try to negotiate in order to bring the price down. They always like to ask for the last amount you can agree to. If you happen to meet a buyer who starts negotiating on the phone and shows that it is the only thing he is interested in, be careful.

The serious buyer always tries to know about you right:

The person who wants to purchase your car would like to know how much possession you have on your car. He would like to know about the loan amount you are liable to pay. In addition, he would like to know if you have any sort of commitment with anyone regarding the vehicle and much more.