How to host the best private villa party in Ibiza


Ibiza is famous for its wild nightlife and is currently considered one of the biggest tourist attractions. 24-hour clubs, wild pool parties, beautiful beaches make Ibiza the world’s “capital of the parties”. Usually, the best DJs and VJs globally gather in Ibiza in Summer to ensure a superb musical atmosphere for people. However, not only you can attend big and crowded parties but also you can host your own private villa party in Ibiza.

In this case, any generation can benefit from the party island. You can celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, friends’ reunions or host a themed party, etc.

It’s up to you to find the perfect event to make it unforgettable both for you and your guests. Yet, there is a checklist that you should go through before sending the invitations. Let’s zoom in to have a better view of the essentials of partying in Ibiza.

1.      Find an ideal place

What you should get started is finding a perfect villa for your party. Ibiza Villas offer a wide range of luxurious villa portfolio to choose from. Whether it is a barefoot pool party, family gathering, birthday party, dinner, or just a nice barbecue night in unrivaled Ibiza, you will be able to find an excellent villa tailored to your needs. You can even find other services such as laser shows, helicopter transfers, and superstar DJs, and much more.

2.      Create a guest list

You might find this point too banal, but yes, you should write down a list of guests. This is a private party so all the guests should receive an official invitation unless you decide to make it a public event. Consider choosing a villa based on the guestlist to flawlessly fit them all in the house.

3.      Choose a food mood

You should consider what kind of food you are going to offer to your guests: simple canapes and nibbles, barbecue, traditional Spanish food, chef specials, etc. Managing everything at once would be difficult but choosing from the dishes from a menu is much easier. If you are more like an alcohol party then canapes and nibbles will be enough for you, if it’s a family event then traditional Spanish food or barbecue would be a great choice.

4.      Ensure enough drinks

To make your party history, you will need the best barmen, mixtures and of course drinks. Beverages are an indispensable part of any successful party. You can both create your own custom menu and send the list to the company to make the purchases and get the drinks delivered to the villa or you can choose from a pre-made bar menu to facilitate your job. For Spanish nights Sangria is a must. Consider finding a trustworthy cocktail services company or just find a great bundle offering everything at once like Ibiza Villas.

5.      Secure finest music and lighting show


What a party without good music and fantastic lighting show especially in Ibiza. Well, hiring a reputable DJ and VJ is not very budget-friendly but face it a great party is worth it. You shouldn’t necessarily hire very famous DJs or VJs, there are a lot of talented young artists that can come to the rescue. You can also make your own playlist and be your own DJ. However, if you are planning to host a luxurious party, you can always find world-known artists instead.

6.      Rent excellent equipment

Usually, villas come equipped with both furniture and other essentials but for some parties, you might need additional equipment. It could be a super stylish led bar, strobes and led strips, disco balls, special lounge furniture, speakers, sound system, etc. When choosing an equipment rental company, make sure that the delivery and setup fees are included in the service. Otherwise, it would be a big headache for you to do everything on your own.


Plan a spectacular villa party in Ibiza. Choose a villa and service provider that will be able to assist you with anything you need. This way you will free you up from a lot of hassles and concentrate on your party success. Start planning your remarkable party today, let the professionals help you.