How To Hold A “Ways Of Working” Discussion?

There are many things that can go wrong when you’re a manager, but one of the biggest risks is not planning for ways of working discussion. A way of working session isn’t about raising an eyebrow at what your team is doing to solve their problems and generating group thinking over whether that’s working or not.

When you hold a “Ways of Working” discussion, it’s important that you aren’t just presenting the facts and figures. You want to make sure your team members understand why they need to change the way they work. Utilize step-by-step guides for holding a discussion with a team.

How to Hold a “Ways of Working” Discussion with Your Team?

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you have a team of people working with you. In fact, the best way to get things done is by having a team. But as any leader will tell you, it can be hard to know how to hold a “ways of working” discussion with your team. So here are some tips for conducting an effective way of working discussion:

1. The Meeting

It’s important to remember that your team may have difficulty sharing some of these observations during the Ways of Working Meeting. It could reveal existing team tensions, as well as issues withimproved employee productivity or focus.

It’s a good idea to express thanks and respect for your employee’s willingness to participate before the meeting begins. After you provide an agenda and list of objectives, the meeting will run more smoothly if everyone follows the Ways of Working Facilitation Guide.

2. Contracts and Commitments

Immediately following a meeting, follow up with a list of agreements made to strengthen dedication and prevent momentum loss. A better way to remember what transpired at the meeting is to write down all of its main points.

You’ll be able to recall the issues discussed, and all agreements made, with the help of these summaries. It’s an excellent idea to use email to facilitate, adjust, and document your discussions.

3. Continue the Conversations

Managers must take a few crucial steps in order to keep the dialogue going with their teams. These actions demonstrate an additional and stronger level of commitment than was made during the initial meeting when you just started your Ways of Working.

4. Basic Planning

It’s best to keep an open mind and set a goal or potential conclusion with the team when discussing a topic in meetings. For example: How much time can you spend using your computer each day?

Final Words

Every way of working meetings will differ across the organization because every team consists of individuals who are all distinct from one another. Although the agreements and pledges may vary from team to team, they will still have a positive effect on everyone in the organization. Controlio employee activity monitoring software assists all businesses in efficient monitoring without violating the privacy of any team members or employees.

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