How to Hire a Really Great Handyman

Are you worried you might get trapped by hiring a handyman that’d make your life horrible?

Thank me later because after deciding to read and implementing on our tips below, you are going to guard yourself against any potential mishap.
Here are the tips on how to hire get the best handyman services based on the suggestions of hundreds of people who had felt like you’ve once.

Let’s read and practice the followings:

Handyman with Relevant Experience:

Hire a handyman having relevant experience of resolving matters.

Suppose, a handyman would be having experience of a decade in repairing doors only. Wouldn’t he be less productive and irrelevant when you’d need one for roof repairing?

On the other side, a handyman with the same experience of a decade in roof repairing would be the best candidate for you.
Hence, don’t hire a handyman with an irrelevant experience.
Make sure, you inspect his past experiences before even bothering him personally. Ask by call or texting upfront. 

(Be tactical while performing this tip)

Interrogate about Handyman’s References:

A handyman with verifiable references or large numbers of positive reviews online would be the best option to hire.

Especially, in case of a major task.

How you can let an unknown person step into your privacy and home without any inspection.It’s human nature, he prefers to deal with one, to whom he knows, like, trust and respect.

Therefore, whenever you get in contact with a handyman:

  • Ask for references and verify them.
  • Goto the popular online portals and hire one with more positive reviews than negative ones.

How Much Would He Charge?

Discuss the charges’ matters like the police investigate an accused person.

Because if you’d ignore any of the costs’ aspects, then get ready to suffer from nightmares.

Handymen are popular for sharing nightmares like sharing the candies in the form of hidden and surprising charges. You’d have heard various cases in your neighborhood and fellows about the rate disputes in handyman services. We hope you’d not repeat the same mistake as others.
Before hiring a handyman, ask the following questions:

  • Would you offer a free project estimation?
  • Would you need daily (or ‘dihaari’ in Urdu) or project wise payment (or ‘Theka’ in Urdu)?

Inspect Time Related Matters:

Make sure you discuss the time issues with the handyman.

As you can’t hire a part-time handyman for building several tables and cupboards in two days. People are careless about clarifying that kind of matter and suffer later. For instance, ask a handyman:

“I need a large dining table within 6 hours today. Can you make it?”

Thereupon, what you need is to confirm the time compatibility by asking whether he can fulfill your time requirements or not. 

Would He Sign a Written Contract?

We know, it sounds funny in a third world country like Pakistan.

But wonders can happen anywhere, so why can’t in Pakistan?

If you’d have the guts and courage, then you may ask a handyman about having any idea of a written contract for the handyman services.
Hopefully, he’d give you a weird look like “What the hell are you talking about?”

We’d highly encourage you if you’d still take this revolutionary step, to bring a “Change” in Pakistan’s handymen culture.

Thus, be brave and ask a handyman about making a written contract for the major handyman services, including:

  • Outline of the estimated materials’ cost to pay.
  • An approximate time span of the project.
  • Estimated total cost.

When & How Much to Pay?

Ask the handyman whether he’d need the full payment in advance or partially.

Our advice is to go for partial payment. Because it’d help you in keeping the handyman in your control and dependency.

On the contrary, if you’d pay the total wages lump sum, then he’d take advantage of you and might make your life miserable.

If possible, make the payments in this way:

  • 25% in advance
  • Further 25% after fulfilling a milestone.
  • Remaining after completing the whole task.

A Professional & Friendly Tip:

Get some kinds of guarantees before finalizing a deal with a handyman.

For example:

Ask him, would he be responsible if a repaired TV would get breakdown again after a week?

Would he repair it again free of cost?


At last,
Imagine, how’d your innate feel when you’d repeat the same mistake about which you’d have already learned now from the above.
Would you be able to get away from the regret easily?

Surely, not!
So note all the above guidelines and revise them just before hunting for a handyman.
Finally, if you still have any doubts or queries about getting the handyman services, we’d love to hear them.