How to hire a good full service marketing agency

One of the most important factors that determine business growth is advertising. This is where a marketing agency comes into it all too. Effectively selling and branding a company and its products and/or services is one vital key to increase revenues and promote company image. And since everyone is going online, companies should capitalise on using the Internet to market themselves.

However, advertising through the web is not like any other medium in advertising. Unlike radio, television, and print advertising, online marketing requires specific skills and resources. This is when companies need the help of a full service marketing agency to attend to their marketing and advertising needs. But how do we select a good one? Here are a few tips on what to look for in full service agencies.

Assess their resources

It is not enough for an agency to having skilled resources. What is important is that they have people with the skills that your company needs. Many agencies boast of having the right people. But what if what is right for them may not be right for you? For example, an artist could render perfect graphic designs that cannot resonate to your target market. That could mean that the project manager did not study the project well. Being a full service marketing agency requires the ability to see a project in the bigger picture.


An online marketing strategy should fit what the client wants. It should be based on the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Work does not end with implementation. A full service marketing also checks if the strategy worked or achieved its goals through gathering data on the number of website visits, click-throughs, page ranks, etc.

See if they are flexible in their work

Since different companies have different needs, there is a need for flexibility in formulating and implementing online marketing strategies. The ability of a full service marketing agency to customize according to their customers’ needs is a plus. The right agency should be open for custom creative design, website development, and advertising packages.

Assess their experience to date

Experience would tell how good and how far an agency has gone. Look for references. If they have a website, browse through. Find their portfolio or previous clients’ testimonies. Search their clients’ websites as well. Search related forums and read feedback and reviews from other people. The amount and degree of experience ultimately dictates not only what the agency could do, but also what it could do best.

In more detail

Along with experience, knowledge of the latest trends in online marketing is important. Considering the highly dynamic nature of online media, an agency should be able to continually catch up with technology-driven online marketing trends and use this to their clients’ advantage.

Lastly, it is important to note that not all marketing agencies may possess all the aspects listed here. But as long as they are able to zoom in on what your company needs, it is most likely that their marketing strategies would work. And that means sales for you.