How to help your child in virtual classes?

A new school year always causes a sea of ​​emotions in children. Now, with the global coronavirus crisis, we must support them more than ever so that they perform well and feel calm in this new school stage. Here are some tips to help children with their virtual classes and how to correctly implement school at home. You can also hire online class help. Online classes can be a challenge to the students as it is a fresh concept which is these days in its initial phase. These tips would definitely help you and your child to learn in an effective manner.

Be understanding of the situation

Studying at home could generate anxiety in children. The lack of socialization, the accumulation of information they receive and the speed necessary to learn to use technological tools become a great challenge for children. Just as teachers are learning to manage their classes online, children are also learning to study at home.

Create a calendar

Based on the schedule given to you at school, create a calendar together that allows you to plan and schedule important dates and due dates. A fun idea is to write down the birthdays of your friends and teachers on the calendar.

The creation of a calendar will allow you to control your own time, observe in a general way the activities of the year and, at the same time, develop planning skills.

Make an activity schedule

Create a schedule and put it in a visible place for your child. Within it includes daily activities such as school, cleaning, eating, housework, recreation, exercises, reading, games and free time. We recommend doing it together with your child to include the activities that they like the most.

Get him used to sleeping and waking up at the same time he did when he attended face-to-face classes. It is important that you eat breakfast and get ready before you start the online study. Teach him to respect the times set aside for each activity.

Create an optimal space

Choose a well-lit, tidy place without distractions. If you have the possibility, allocate a space that is only used for virtual classes. It is necessary to simulate a school environment at home to contribute to optimal learning.

Make sure you have the necessary material

In order for you to take advantage of online classes without diverting your attention, you should not lack anything. Make sure you have all the necessary material for the subject. Not because you do not attend a physical institution does not mean that you will not need support material such as notebooks, books and school supplies.

Implement active breaks

To contribute to their physical development and improve their creativity, it is important that they practice simple exercises, games and playful activities. These breaks will help you clear your mind at home.

help him socialize

So that children do not lose contact with their external friends and family, help them connect with them by video call. These socialization spaces will help them deal with stress, as well as strengthen their ties with people important to them.

It was motivating

Be their guide at all times, remember that you are not here to replace teachers, but to support them in their learning. Your mission as a parent at this stage is to guide and accompany your children at all times.

Be open to any questions and comments they have and help them find the answer with patience and empathy. The positive disposition you have will give him the motivation to keep going.

Any online classes can have a live online English course for children, in which they may use the 100% conversational method to increase their participation with other children and the concept of gamification with which they will feel encouraged to learn through games and challenges. Learn more about this program and enhance your future. You can also pay someone to take my teas exam.

Should parents be present in our children’s virtual classes?

To be or not to be present in the children’s virtual classes? This question drives many parents crazy, who consider it important to supervise what their children do while they are connected to the Internet.

In the case of children in Early Childhood Education and the first years of Primary School, both professionals advise that parents be present in the virtual sessions, not only to solve any technical problem that may arise but also to offer children security and confidence in a totally new scenario for them.

However, they consider it important that adults stay on the sidelines during class, and that they do not answer through the children’s mouths, prevent them from making mistakes or do the work for them. As our children grow, parents must encourage their autonomy by avoiding intervening and controlling excessively, although undoubtedly, supervision must always be present.