How to Help Those in Need in Difficult Times?

Difficult times can arrive anytime and anywhere, however, it is the job of the privileged ones to help those in need when the difficult times arise. The ways one, who is privileged can help those in need, can be through multiple ways plus an organization like Help Are Us can provide multiple choices to help those in need.

  • Distribute Food

In a time of crisis usually, people who are earning their living on a daily wage are the ones who get affected the most. For such people affording a meal for the day becomes harder, which is where the one who is privileged can step in to help.

The privileged ones or the ones who want to help can help those in need by distributing and providing them with free meals or ration packages through the platform which Help Are Us can provide. This way people can send rations and meals to those in need, feeding them to avoid letting them sleep on an empty stomach. This is done to provide them a helping hand in times of crisis and in a state of panic.

  • Microloans

In times of need when a situation occurs such people are unable to run their business and work, people or the government can step in to provide them with support. This would help them to have something which can give them support to run the operations of their work.

This can be through providing them with microloans which can be sent to those who are in genuine need that can help them and work in their best interest. This is to ensure ways where they can be dependent on themselves rather than on others.

  • Health

Usually, during a time of crisis, people who are in need are unable to even afford their health facilities. Health is a major factor and an important aspect for every individual. Those in need are mainly unable to afford these facilities due to a lack of ability to bear the costs.

This way such people who are in need and cannot afford it are found to give up on their health. This develops an opportunity for one to support such people by clearing their bills and sending them direct money without intermediary making wrong uses of it. The money or prescribed medicines are directly sent to the one who is in need so that any delay can be avoided at right time.

  • Education

In today’s time, education is a major necessity and is the right for everyone to acquire it. Education helps one to help themselves in time of need and they become dependent on themselves. Today many people are deprived of acquiring the necessary education.

This can be because of major reasons initially that in today’s time it has become very expensive to acquire education which those who are poor are unable to afford.

One can help in this by providing them with basic education. Or they can pay their school fees so that children can acquire education by directly sending the money through Help Are Us. If the person himself/herself is educated they can teach the children in order to make them acquire education free of cost and for their own betterment.

Benefits of Helping Others

Providing time and support to those in need is not only beneficial for one but is beneficial for the entire community. There are multiple benefits of helping those in need, especially in a time of crisis. These benefits include:

  • Feel Good

When you offer help to those in need, one can feel the physiological changes in their brain which develop happiness for helping others. This makes one actively help others and become socially active. It makes one feel so good of helping that brings a positive change in one’s life.

  • Sense of Belonging

Helping those in need enables one to make new friends and connect with people in the community. Helping people when it is required erases the loneliness one feels and isolation. It enables them to take active participation in social activities which provides a sense of belonging to them.

  • Sense of Purpose

Volunteering and helping others enhances and establishes a sense of purpose for people. It develops one’s identity and helps a person to improve themselves. This is done through volunteering in social activities and helping those in need which helps one to feel rewarded, fulfilled, and empowered.

  • Boost Self-Esteem

Multiple studies have shown that volunteers develop higher self-esteem and ensure well-being. Volunteering and helping others are entirely based upon consistency. It works upon the self-esteem of one and increases their confidence when one person is more regular in helping others and feeling their pain as their own.

  • Stronger Friendships

Volunteering and helping others develop an opportunity for one to meet a lot of new people. This can allow one to get rid of peers and change them into friends which are stronger than before. This helps an individual to develop a surrounding for oneself that brings about the best in one.

Moreover, it allows one to extend their network of friends. This helping process can turn out to be a good thing in a life of one which further can work on creating a long-lasting bond in a person’s life.


Overall, it is a human right and responsibility to help those in need when they can. It brings a positive change not only in one’s life but fulfills the needs of those who require help and makes their lives easier.

Further, it develops a positive impact and changes one’s outlook and attitude entirely. Multiple studies have shown that showing acts of kindness not only boosts one’s mood but helps them be optimistic and positive.

Help Are Us is one platform where a privileged one can easily and directly help the one in need. Moreover, there are multiple ways that a privileged one can help those in need. This way it ensures that a person becomes an effective and empathetic citizen, and further inculcates economic stability. It allows a person to learn practices of patience, kindness, and resilience.