How to Help a Family Member Who is Struggling with Alcoholism

Many people believe alcoholism is a family disease. It affects the person involved and also the family in general. The family’s mental and physical health, financial aspects, and overall stability are seriously affected. It brings unwanted tension and deteriorates the environment of the house. Every family member is affected by the behavior of the alcoholic person. Family members may attempt to control or even stop the behavior.

In some cases, they may even deny the fact that the person drinks. It would help if you accepted that you have a family member involved in drinking habits and try to change the person accordingly. Make efforts so that the person comes back to everyday life.


What are the ways that can help your loved one quit alcohol?


If your family member is suffering from addiction, you will have first to make them realize that they are addicted. Many a time, they deny the fact that they are involved in such an activity. Once you make them admit that they are addicted, and then the actual process of rehabilitating the person starts. 


  • Social, legal, and even personal problems would cause most people to conclude that they must quit drinking but usually do not help solve it. It is not a weakness; instead, it is a problem that requires professional help. It is a psychological state of mind that makes them addicted to a particular substance. Substance abuse is the most common problem that needs professional help.


  • Many people cite that troubles in personal or professional life are a cause of their addiction. It may be true in some cases but not in all. What you can do is dig for the apparent cause of their problem. It would help if you made them understand that they cannot solve issues of life through substance abuse. You will have to make them realize that addiction will only make them forget the problem for a while but not destroy it forever. The psychological understanding is that alcohol or any other substance can make them ignore and diminish the pain. However, this is not the case. 


  • You will have to show your support to them in various forms. Talk to them, interview them to get to know the real reason why they are into this. Make them feel that you are with them in any situation whatsoever. It is this psychological support that can help them to overcome the problem. They will eventually open up before you, and this is essential to take them to a rehab. It would be best if you built confidence in them that you are there for them. It is this confidence that provides them with the strength to fight with their problem. 
  • You will have to make them aware of the disease called alcoholism. It is a disease that is triggered by life circumstances and genes. It has some specific symptoms that you will have to know first so that you will be able to trace the signs in your family member. Various online sites are available that will provide the right information about the disease. Please make use of them. They will also help you with the necessary steps that you may need to take to stop the addiction. In addition to this, these sites will also provide information about the mistakes that might hinder the addict’s recovery. Make your plan accordingly. 


  • Talk to them when they are sober and relaxed. Both the speakers should stay calm while holding the conversation. Do not accuse the person of the behavior as it might hamper the conversation midway. Be honest about your concern and support towards the addict. You can talk about a particular problem that is arising due to the drinking problem of the person. It may be financial, emotional, relationship issues, etc. these talks should be held regularly. It will build a sense of trust and dependence on the person. 


  • Use intervention; you can include other family members and even friends of the person concerned to present treatment facility ideas and continued drinking consequences. You may reach out for an alcohol detox near you for treatment options. For intervention, you can impose restrictions on the person until they give up on drinking. Deny them certain rights like child visitation, financial support, marital separation, etc. the right rehab can help you take the person concerned for regular therapies for a sober life. It will be quiet beneficial in the long run for their mental and spiritual health. Alcohol use disorder treatment is vital to prevent them from relapsing to alcoholism. 


Though alcoholism is a significant concern for the family members, you can handle it strategically. All you have to do is plan a systematic way so that there is no discrepancy in the rehabilitation process.