How to Have an Environment-Friendly Christmas Celebration?

Christmas is one of the top festivals celebrated around the world. Gift exchanges, Christmas music and Carol, Christmas tree, and lighting are the top attributes that mark this celebration. It is considered no Christmas, especially, without a Christmas tree and gifts. But, you might not know or might have knowingly ignored that some of the celebration activities are hurting mother earth. Of course, abandoning the customs is never possible and usually very disheartening, but you can employ new ‘adequate’ ways to keep celebrating Christmas with equal joy and acting responsibly as well.

Some of The Pro Tips That You Can Use to Celebrate an Environment-Friendly Christmas Are:

Give Some Pro Gifts:

If you can, try to make some DIY gifts. Anything you make with hands, aided with creativity is more precious than what you get from shops for £50. Trust me, you will receive praise for this. This will not only save your money but will help you re using the left-outs of different materials and items. If you can’t make such gifts, at least try to pack them in recyclable material. Nothing is worse than multiple folding of plastic, glitters, and foils.  


A report suggests that more than 1.5 billion Christmas cards are thrown away, alone in the UK. This is extremely alarming, considering the current environmental concerns in mind. Why spend money and paper on cards when you can do it virtually? Grab your phone or computer and design a creative custom card, send it to all, and everything is done and dusted.

Rent/ Buy A Christmas Tree:

The biggest joy of Christmas is getting a Christmas tree and decorating it exuberantly. In the UK, about eight million Christmas trees are purchased annually. According to cheap skip hire services in Salford, people dump the trees in the skips right after the Christmas celebrations. The Christmas trees that people purchase are made of plastic, this means an abundant carbon footprint. This time either buy a real tree, plant it in a pot and keep it for all the coming years or simply rent a Christmas tree. Many companies in the UK offer the rental of Christmas trees, they drop the trees at your homes and pick them on their own. In this way, you will not have to discard plastic trees, which, in turn, are responsible for pollution.

Avoid Crackers:

Crackers and Christmas have an inevitable connection. Though firecrackers have recently become a part of the celebration with their advent, their tie has deepened down to earth. The shiny papers, ribbon, and plastic toys inside the crackers go straight into the bin after the celebration. But there are alternative crackers like plastic-free and reusable Christmas crackers that you can use. Prefer using them instead of the conventional crackers.

Avoid Wasting Food:

There is usually a bulk of left-over food, do not make this go straight into the bin. At first, make sure that you arrange a measurable food service, and if the estimate goes wrong, ask your guests to take the food and drinks with them. About 3,600 tons of food goes into landfills every day, so make sure that you save food and the mother earth.

Next time when you celebrate Christmas, make sure that you behave responsibly.


My name is Phoebe Lambert and i am an experienced social media manager in Nextgen Media Ltd and guides you about social media, media management related topics.