How to Have a Comfortable and Effective Trade Show Experience

Your business or hobby, at one point or another, might have the opportunity to exhibit at a trade show one day. These events can be incredible opportunities to promote your brand, make meaningful business connections, and even make a profit off of. Whatever your goals are for your trade show experience, it is important to maximize the effort you will put into it, while also having an enjoyable time. Trade shows can take you all around the world and can be a long experience. While many of these are so worth the effort you put into them, there are a few ways that can make them more manageable to survive – especially if you are exhibiting at these shows frequently. Having comfortable attire and atmosphere will enhance your experience and help you to be more effective through this trade show journey.

Comfy But Professional Shoes

Let’s face it – you will be standing a lot. That is just the name of the game when it comes to trade shows. You will be on your feet interacting with so many people, selling your pitch, displaying your products, and just generally moving throughout one of the 10×10 booth displays that are being exhibited. While heels can be very professional and look really great, you are going to want to opt for more comfortable footwear. Something simple like flat dress shoes will still help you maintain professionalism without killing your feet. These will help distribute the weight while you are on your feet for the majority of the day. Trust me, your feet will thank you. Another way to increase the comfiness of your booth is by investing in some floor pads. Not everyone may have the best comfortable dress shoes, so a nice soft pad could help everyone involved have a more enjoyable experience throughout the duration of the show.

Make Sure to Take Breaks

During the trade show, it may be your natural instinct to power through and make the most of your hard earned time. It is important to remember that most trade shows are a marathon, not a sprint. You and your team are going to want to take these events in strides, in order to maintain the longevity of your energy. Do not forget that you will need to take a break at some point. Take a break to rehydrate, eat some food and use the restroom. These breaks can help you to refocus and will add to the overall effectiveness of your particular booth if everyone isn’t completely exhausted throughout the show. You also don’t want anyone to pass out from exhaustion or lack of water, so make sure to prioritize these breaks.

Eat Breakfast and Bring Snack

Nothing says “unapproachable” like being grumpy when you are hungry. You need to start off the day knowing that it is going to be a long day. Make sure you fuel your body with a great and sustaining breakfast to help you get through the day and have your best attitude. We all know that just eating breakfast isn’t going to power you through the entire day so definitely come prepared with some appropriate snacks. Healthy snacks could include something like trail mix, veggies, sandwiches or muffins to help keep you filled while you are out there on the floor working. Never underestimate the power of a well-timed snack when you are starting to feel hungry. These can help you and your team keep up the good spirits and be that much more inviting as the day wears on. Being comfortable and taking care of your needs will help lead you to being more effective and reaching more people throughout your trade show event.