How To Handle The DOT Compliance Scam Email That Poses A Threat To Your Trucking Company

Let’s assume that you have received this kind of email. You are well aware that your DOT compliance requirements are being met at the moment. You already have your third-party administrator in the loop and connected constantly with your assistant. In such a situation, this letter should not really cause panic in your company. However, if you want to be more certain, just ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do You Have Anything To Stress Over? 
  • Does This Letter Make You Feel Unsafe?
  • Are You Sure That You Are Not Missing Out On Any Of Your Deadlines? 
  • Did You Carry Out Vehicle Inspections On Time?
  • Is Anyone In Your Office Using Any Kind Of Regulated Or Questionable Substances Of Any Type?

After answering these questions, it will be clear whether you should even pay attention to such a DOT compliance scam letter in the first place or not.

If you are absolutely certain that you are 100% compliant or that your third-party administrator is working actively to keep you compliant throughout the year, make sure to do the following to chase out this threat forever:

  1. Take A Screenshot Of The Email

The first and the most intelligent thing to do is to take a screenshot of the email. This is a way to archive the inbox content that you may find abusive or questionable. In case these threats appear in the future as well, you will have a record to cross-check the same to find out whether it is the same sender or not. You will then have documented proof that you can send to or share with law enforcement agencies and authorities.

  1. Report The Abusive Message Sender

You can also report the abusive message sender to the messaging service itself. For example, if you have been getting any email messages on your Gmail or any social media posts on Facebook, you can report the same to the platform itself. They will do the needful to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

  1. Do Not Forward Or Save The Email

Ideally, you should not keep these DOT compliance scam emails or messages in your inbox as well. In certain cases, they might contain a few links or software tools, or other spyware that can be harmful to your computer and your critical business data. If you intend to share this email with any authorities or law enforcement, make sure not to forward it as it is. You can always copy-paste the content. Forwarding the email usually results in losing the important routing data that is encoded in the original email.

  1. Use Filters On Your Account

Also, a very practical way to stop these DOT compliance email scam letters from reaching you is to enable your filters. You can easily monitor all these messages and set up relevant filters whether you are using Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or Apple. All these platforms have similar tools that help you reduce such incidents and also assist you in bringing such perpetrators to justice.

  1. Enable The Blocking Feature

You can also enable the “block sender” feature in your email service. This is, however, not going to put an end to these incidents. The sender of the email might find a loophole or probably a workaround to avoid this block completely. They might also get connected with you on other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, Twitter, or Google Plus. But yes, blocking the sender is one way to prevent any such emails from disturbing you in the future.

  1. Do Not Reply To The Sender

It is never advised to reply to the sender under any circumstances. These emails are usually sent out by robotic email accounts or bots. If you do reply to them, chances are that you will probably find a machine responding to your replies. So in most cases, it will be pointless to do that.

Also, it is very essential that you understand what DOT compliance is. When you are completely aware of your requirements and whether they are being fulfilled or not by your third-party administrator, you are clear about your status. You have nothing to worry about. You can keep on operating in the industry without even a speckle of stress.

  1. What Is DOT Compliance?

As you must know that the US department of transportation is the agency that has been given the responsibility of regulating interstate transportation and mobility across the country. To do this successfully, the department of transportation has created a lot of rules and regulations. These are important to keep trucking companies and various other industries and sectors that fall within the umbrella of the department of transportation 100% compliant.

The aim is to protect the safety of the people involved, the general public that comes in contact with them whether directly or indirectly, and property as well. These rules and regulations or to be more exact, DOT compliance makes sure that the transportation system of the country is safe, and efficient, and contributes to the economic productivity of the country. The federal motor carrier safety administration enforces these rules and regulations throughout the year. If you are a commercial fleet or a trucking company, you will have to stay DOT compliant throughout the year. You must abide by these regulations and should provide ongoing proof that you are participating regularly in the various audits that are conducted by federal agencies throughout the year.

5 Most Common DOT Safety Compliance Requirements That You Are Expected To Follow Include

  1. Refraining from using any kinds of drugs and/or alcohol at the workplace or even allowing the use of the same by your employees, associates, and partners and especially safety-sensitive position holders
  1. Following all the inspection requirements related to vehicles and other machines that are being used by your safety-sensitive position holders and commercial motor vehicle drivers
  1. Following all the FMCSA guidelines which you can get a hold of through your third-party administrator
  1. Adhering to the regulations related to hazardous materials handling and transportation
  1. Meeting all the general safety requirements and protocols laid down by the authorities


It is quite understandable that you may not be able to wrap your head around all these rules and regulations. You will need assistance and this is why TPAs or DOT Compliance legit groups exist. Connect with them to understand your compliance needs better.