How-to Guide: Set up Netgear WiFi Router for iOS

Want to set up your Netgear WiFi router to get high-speed internet connection on your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices? If yes, you have reached the right web page. Here, we will make you familiar with the Netgear router setup process for iOS devices. Let’s take the plunge.

Set up Netgear Router for iOS

The router makes use of the connection from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to establish a WiFi network in your home or workplace. Regardless of different manufacturers, any iOS device can quickly connect to a Netgear router using its built-in antenna and settings app.

Here is a step-by-step guide to set up your Netgear wireless router for iOS device:

Step-1: Disconnect the power cable from your modem provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Step-2: Unpack your Netgear WiFi router if you have not done it already.

Step-3: Now, take an Ethernet cable. Make sure that it doesn’t have any cuts.

Step-4: Connect your Netgear router and modem using the cable.

Step-5: Once done, plug in your Netgear router to an electrical outlet and turn it on.

Step-6: Power on your modem.

Step-7: Grab a PC and access your favorite web browser on it. If you are using Windows OS, it is recommended to use Google Chrome browser. On the other hand, use Safari browser for Mac.

Step-8: Go to routerlogin net web page.

Step-9: A login window will prompt. Here, you will see two empty boxes, asking you to enter the username and password.

Step-10: Do exactly the same. Fill in the required credentials and click on the login button.

Step-11: After logging in, click on the Wireless tab.

Step-12: Click on the Security menu and then WPA.

Step-13: Enter the desired network name in the SSID field.

Step-14: Create a strong password for your WiFi network.

Step-15: Click on the Apply button to save the security setting changes.

Step-16: Now, turn on your iOS device and tap on the Settings icon.

Step-17: Tap on the WiFi option and toggle the WiFi button to ‘On’.

Step-18: Choose your router network and connect to it.

That’s how you can set up your Netgear WiFi router for iOS device.

Still Facing the Setup Issues?

If you are still unable to install your Netgear wireless router, make sure to execute the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Power cycle your WiFi router as well as modem.
  • Ensure to use the correct web address for router login.
  • If the web address not working, try using the default Netgear router IP for login.
  • Use only the latest version of web browser.
  • Try resetting your browser to the default factory settings prior to using it for logging in to your router.
  • Connect your iOS device to the correct WiFi network. To avoid the confusion between networks, it is recommended to give an easily-identifiable name. For instance, if you have done with Netgear AC1200 setup for your home, then keep the network name ‘home_AC1200’ so that you can easily connect to your router’s network.
  • All the cable connections must be precise and finger-tight.
  • Do not ever use any damaged wall socket to plug in your WiFi router and modem.
  • Be certain to have a constant and steady power supply throughout the Netgear WiFi router setup process.

That’s all! Taking care of the above-mentioned tips while setting up your Netgear wireless router for iOS device will surely make the setup process a cinch.